The hottest Jinhu tire only took twoorthree months

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Jinhu tire only took two to three months to turn in the community and burst.

Ms. Zhang's husband pointed to the place where the tire burst and said: such a new tire, the product transformation is important when turning in the community, and the tire burst when waiting for a rub

recently, Ms. Zhang, a reader, reported a very angry thing to the auto worry console column of auto weekly, and the protagonist of the matter is the hot spot of media attention some time ago - Jinhu tire blowout. The difference is that the place of this incident is not on the highway, but turning in the community

specially come to 4 to solve the development problems of different types of materials by classification. Go to the community where Ms. Zhang is located to understand the situation

[event replay]: the tire blew out only after turning the corner in the community in two to three months.

car advocates that the lady was very angry when she mentioned her experience of using Jinhu tires: "I bought a new car and a new tire at that time. After driving for a few months, I went out and rubbed the road teeth in the community, and the tire burst directly. I was very slow at that time, that is, the speed of first gear, and the tire burst after rubbing it. It was very frightening. After reading it later, I learned about the quality problem of Jinhu tires."

in Ms. Zhang's home, I saw very new tire patterns and obvious tire burst marks on the sidewall. Mr. Chen, Ms. Zhang's husband, pointed to the burst Jinhu tire and said, "you see, this tire has only been used for twoorthree months. It's brand-new pattern. When you rub a curb in the community, the tire burst. You see, the tire wall is thin, and you can't rub it at all. You said what to do if the tire bursts suddenly when you park outside. This brand is really frightening." Mr. Chen, Ms. Zhang's husband, said that after the occurrence of the flat tire incident in the community, he did not intend to buy Jinhu tires in the future. When changing this chip set signal amplification tire, he would certainly change all Jinhu tires

[treatment]: the replacement was delayed and left unattended

on March 15 this year, on the consumer rights protection day, CCTV exposed the adulteration of Jinhu tire raw materials, replacing the original rubber with retured rubber, cutting corners and shoddy materials, which brought serious safety hazards and illegal production and other serious problems to the cars using its brand tires. Subsequently, the person in charge of Jinhu tire China apologized, admitted that the problem existed, and said that it would recall the problem tires and replace the problem tires for consumers

however, Ms. Zhang told me that her tires have not been replaced yet. Ms. Zhang said, "we once went to the 4S store for inspection, and the other party said to wait. Later, there was no reply." Mr. Chen pointed to the cracked Jinhu tire and said, "we didn't understand it when we first bought the car. After reading it, we learned that this tire has such a serious quality problem. Their tires of this quality are certainly not suitable for consumers. Now we hope that they can replace the tires with this quality problem for us. Now we have waited for so long without reply, and we don't know what to do."

[manufacturer's statement]: go to the designated service point for testing

according to the situation of readers, we specially called the national customer service of Jinhu tire (), and the customer service staff of Jinhu tire said: if the tire can be replaced within the designated recall scope, if it is not within the recall scope, we can go to the designated tire service point in the city for free testing

[lawyer's statement]: go to the quality inspection department for identification

and specially consulted Wu Jun, a senior lawyer of Xi'an Lawyers Association. He said: "the quality problem of Jinhu tires has infringed on the personal and property safety of consumers. For the smarter packaging quality problems brought by tires, the quality and technical supervision department should inspect them and investigate and deal with them if they find problems. Consumers can go to the quality and technical supervision department for corresponding testing." Wu lawyer also said: "enterprises should have a sense of society, including providing consumers with qualified products. Safety should be put in the first place and be a negative enterprise."

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