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Jinhai Pulp and paper forest company invited representatives of the Danish Printing Association to visit. From November 5 to 6, representatives of the Danish Printing Association visited Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. to understand the construction of Forest Pulp and paper integration project. One batch of quality inspection results will be completed and released. At Ding'an nursery center, Huang wending introduced the construction of Jinhai Pulp paper forest pulp paper integrated supporting fast-growing forest to the delegation in detail. A the designer adopts conventional (3) host 1 must be grounded PID control. PP (China) has invested heavily in building a series of utilization neutral modern seedling raising centers in Hainan since 1998, and has cultivated high-quality pulp and paper seedlings by adopting biological seedling raising, asexual rapid propagation, mycorrhizal, hydroponic and other technologies; At the same time, the company adopted the standard operating procedures for afforestation, developed the construction of fast-growing and high-yield forests through modern forest management methods such as intelligent quality monitoring and optimal management of soil nutrients, realized the modernization and informatization of forest management, and realized the industrial upgrading of forestry and paper industry. After seeing the high-quality fast-growing forest seedlings and well-developed fast-growing forests in the nursery, the delegation expressed admiration for the advanced forest management technology mastered by Jinhai Pulp and paper, and fully affirmed the importance of scientific development of artificial forests for ecological protection

the delegation visited the Jinhai Pulp and paper cultural paper production workshop, focusing on the CSR project of Jinhai Pulp and paper and the sales of cultural paper products. Manager fan Shanlei and Deputy Manager Zhang Zhenhuan of Jinhai Pulp and paper made a detailed explanation, and the delegates were full of praise for the advanced production technology and high-quality paper products of Jinhai Pulp and paper. Representatives of the Danish Printing Association said that this trip deepened their understanding of the construction of Forest Pulp paper integration, benefited a lot, and was even more shocked by the grand green industry of APP Forest Pulp paper integration. They expressed their admiration for the scientific business philosophy of app and the efforts made by Jinhai Pulp paper in environmental protection

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