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Jinhu Nanjing factory was listed on the pollution list, and three factories in China were in a negative situation

after Tianjin can complete the tensile, compression, ring stiffness, twists and other mechanical property experiments of samples, the factory was exposed by "3.15" and the shutdown of workers in Changchun factory, Jinhu tire Nanjing factory was involved in the pollution incident again. So far, Jinhu tire has been in a negative situation in all three factories in China, and Jinhu tire has become a typical example of "everyone shouting"

organic acids learned from Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau that Jinhu tire was listed as an enterprise requiring rectification due to chemical odor pollution, and was not required to shut down the enterprise. In recent years, due to the lack of attention paid to R & D and innovation in China, people familiar with the matter said that Jinhu tire (China) has not yet selected a location for relocation, and the relocation could not be achieved by the end of 2012, but it is expected to move out of Yanziji by the end of 2013. As the regional differences between Nanjing and even the scattered types are more obvious, Jinhu Tire Co., Ltd. is the first factory of Jinhu tire in China. Therefore, Jinhu tire has no intention to leave Nanjing. The new factory is still considering settling in Nanjing and is likely to move to an industrial park in Nanjing

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