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Jinhu tire needs serious reflection

since it was exposed by the media on March 15, there have been continuous negative reports on Jinhu tire, which can be described as "pressing the gourd to float up". Is it the media deliberately looking for trouble, or does Jinhu need to reflect? The answer is self-evident

the tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn't stop

when Jinhu tried to let the "recall" cool down naturally, two articles about Jinhu yesterday pushed it back to the attention of the media and friends

according to securities, Huang Jin, a lawyer who once acted as an agent for Jinhu tire crisis management, asked Jinhu for a lawyer's fee of 2.4 billion yuan, and disclosed some unknown details of the Jinhu storm to the media

the other one makes people feel heavy. The Beijing Evening News reported that Mr. Zhou, the owner of a Buick car equipped with Jinhu tires, did not crash on the highway, but the car was destroyed and killed. As an important part of the 31st Chinaplas exhibition, the relatives of the deceased believed that Jinhu tires had quality problems, and entrusted lawyers to prepare to sue Nanjing Jinhu Tire Co., Ltd., Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd. and Beijing auto dealers for claims

the author can't comment more on the accident of car destruction and human death, because it requires relevant departments to use technical means to investigate the accident, identify the quality problems of Jinhu tires and Shanghai GM Buick car involved, and give a clear statement to the accident person and relevant brands

however, there are too many interesting details about lawyer Huang's disclosure, such as the exposure of irregular production by the media due to internal contradictions, the careless denial of the recall plan by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, and bargaining over the scope of the recall. The author sought confirmation from Jinhu China on these issues. A staff member said that Zhao Huaqiao, the spokesman, needed to speak to the outside world, but Zhao Huaqiao's absence has not been answered

if lawyer Huang Jin's disclosure is true, it highlights problems such as poor management of Jinhu and lack of sincerity to Chinese consumers

since it was exposed by CCTV on March 15, Jinhu has experienced product recalls, strikes by workers in Changchun factory, complaints about serious pollution in Nanjing factory and other problems, which can be described as "pressing the gourd to float the ladle", and accidents continue. According to relevant personnel of Jinhu and its public relations company, Jinhu needs a good public opinion environment

is it the media that deliberately finds fault, or does Jinhu need serious reflection and improvement? The answer is self-evident

it can resist stress and fatigue. Looking at the Jinhu incident, the following suggestions are probably the top priority of Jinhu tire

first, Jinhu needs to show sincerity. To be fair, it is difficult for any enterprise to ensure that its products do not have quality problems, but the post event handling attitude is often the key to determining the direction of the situation

the most recent case related to the Jinhu crisis is Toyota's worldwide recall. Of course, relevant personnel of Jinhu said that Toyota is a vehicle manufacturer with much stronger strength and strong ability of crisis public relations, but in front of the "attitude" unrelated to the company's financial resources, Toyota is undoubtedly worth learning from Jinhu

after being questioned by the security department in the United States, Akio Toyoda immediately flew directly to Beijing to apologize to Chinese consumers. Although it was later proved that Toyota was put forward by the U.S. government, Toyota's problem was not as serious as previously described. On the other hand, as lawyer Huang Jin said, "after being exposed by CCTV's 3.15 party, Jinhu tire initially refused to admit its serious problems and accused CCTV of inaccurate reporting". Since then, Li Hanxie, chairman of Jinhu China, went to CCTV to bow, but it has been a month since it was exposed by CCTV

from some details, Jinhu owes a lot. According to the Securities report, lawyer Huang Jin said that after the first report, because the recall plan of Jinhu tire was too rough, it was completely denied by the AQSIQ, "the recall plan of Jinhu tire is only two pages, which can only be said to be a plan". Huang Jin also revealed that he once asked Jinhu tire whether he had any ideas about the recall plan. "But people in Jinhu lowered their heads and didn't say anything. I had to write it myself... Except that the recall scope and batch number were formulated by Jinhu itself, the rest were written by myself at that time."

it is suggestive that when the author called Jinhu China on July 25, the other party said that the latest data three months after the recall was announced was 75000, which was 1/4 of the total recall, and the other party said that there was no clear timetable

Jiangsuhua, a lawyer of the China Consumers' Association, said that Jinhu should have a clear recall time when it submitted the recall plan at the beginning. Because tires are key auto parts, which have a significant impact on the safety of consumers' lives and property, the recall of tires should be "immediate and timely". If the tires that should have been recalled are not recalled in time and a traffic safety accident occurs, the enterprise may face punitive damages

neither the "helplessness" in the recall attitude nor the slow follow-up progress can make consumers and the media see Jinhu's sincerity. There is no doubt that China has become the largest auto market in the world. If any brand wants to seek development here, it must give Chinese consumers enough respect

second, Jinhu needs more standardized management. Whether the Tianjin factory is exposed or the Changchun factory strikes, Jinhu's internal management also needs to be improved

although the Tianjin factory finally concluded that individual workers violated the rules, it was internal contradictions that led to the exposure from lawyer Huang Jin's disclosure. Think about it carefully. Such "personal illegal operation" may have been known or used by the manufacturer for a long time, otherwise personal accidental actions are difficult to be captured at a specific time

before being exposed by CCTV, Jinhu Tianjin factory can enter at will, and so can Jinhu Changchun factory before being reported by the media due to the strike. Although this provides convenient conditions for media exposure, it can still be seen that the details of management are not in place

from the strike of workers in Changchun factory, Jinhu should also reflect on whether its attitude towards Chinese workers and incentive system are reasonable. Jinhu tire has been in the first place in the OE supporting market for a long time, but its employees have not received the due welfare treatment. The workers' wages in Changchun factory are only about 1200 yuan after tax, and there is no obvious increase in wages within a few years after the establishment of the factory. Finally, the workers went on strike because of dissatisfaction with the low treatment

three days after the strike in Changchun factory, the news came out through forums, microblogs and other channels. At this time, when the author called the relevant person in charge of Jinhu, the other party actually said that he did not know. If the person in charge did not deliberately hide from the author, it can only be understood that there are problems in the internal information communication mechanism and system

third, Jinhu needs localization exercise. Jinbanyuan step test block (HS) lake, which lives in the supporting market, obviously does not understand China's national conditions very well. After the crisis, it is not clear how to face consumers and the media directly, and it is also lack of corresponding staffing

due to the mechanism of Jinhu company, the management and important positions are mostly held by Korean people, and some important speeches are mostly completed by Korean senior management. Before the Jinhu crisis, Jinhu China didn't even have a spokesman. After Li Hanxie communicated with the media on May 15, but was accused of "retracting his confession", Jinhu thought that it needed a spokesman who knew the Chinese market, so it hurriedly appointed a Chinese person as the spokesman

for the recall data, strikes and other information that the media want to know, Jinhu is also mostly secretive and lacks proactive information disclosure. Jinhu hopes to "cool down naturally" by this, but it has another meaning in the eyes of consumers and the media

as for Jinhu public relations team, the public relations skills of individual personnel also need to be improved. The relevant person in charge of Jinhu China has been angry with the author's report on Jinhu for several times. Although he apologized repeatedly afterwards, his impulsive character obviously did not meet the requirements of the Public Relations post

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