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Jinhu Rili tuijia Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. used PP containing FP (2) 000 series flame retardant and bromine flame retardant to make high gloss halogen-free flame retardant MPPO resin

with the fire protection requirements of LCD frame, base, sound shell, air conditioning panel and other household appliances, the demand for flame retardant high gloss spray free products is becoming stronger and stronger. Recently, Jinhu Rili has launched high gloss halogen-free flame retardant V-0, which is internationally known as ppo/hipshp8340nh. It has similar excellent apparent properties, mechanical properties, processability and flame retardancy to pc/abs halogen-free flame retardant, but the density of hsp8340nh is nearly 8% lower than that of halogen-free flame retardant pc/abs, while the rigidity has no obvious difference, so it can better reflect the requirements of lightweight, energy conservation and environmental protection

the traditional ppo/hips alloy cannot achieve the effect of black and bright because of its yellow background and low gloss. Jinhu Rili launched halogen-free flame retardant MPPO resin hsp8340nh. Through technical optimization, the product has a beautiful surface effect of high gloss and high blackness, and can be completely spray free with the high gloss mirror mold

compared with pc/abs halogen-free flame retardant, hsp8340nh can help reduce the harm of plastic waste to the environment because it reaches the compatibility level of sub size. It can belong to a homogeneous system. There are four inner hexagon screws on it to avoid the problem of halogen-free flame retardant pc/abs fusion wiring; Due to the low water absorption of PPO and hips, the requirements for drying conditions of materials are very low, which is convenient for molding; PC is a polyester polymer, which is extremely sensitive to metal ions, moisture and alkaline substances, and is prone to degradation and hydrolysis, which will damage the mechanical properties of the material. In addition, it is also prone to ester exchange reaction in multiple processing and deteriorate its physical properties. Hips and PPO are basically insensitive to the above substances, so the thermal stability, hydrolytic stability and reprocessing performance of hsp8340nh can reflect obvious advantages; Hsp8340nh can better reflect the requirements of lightweight, energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, hsp8340nh has a huge market prospect in the fields of home appliances, electronic appliances, consumer electronics, office equipment and so on

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