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Jinhu tire shengxia thank you customer activity ended perfectly, and the three-month shengxia thank you customer activity of Jinhu tire launched "mobile service"

was successfully concluded with the extensive participation of car owners across the country. In fact, about 70% of the plastics covered in this activity have failed before their design life. 65 cities and regions across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and 100 designated retail stores of Jinhu tires, including 12 car depots, have participated in this activity, setting off a nationwide upsurge in the popularization of summer tire safety maintenance, which has been warmly received by consumers everywhere

this midsummer thank you customer activity focuses on providing free tire inspection services. Aiming at driving safety in summer, it provides the majority of car owners with tire appearance inspection, tire pressure inspection and supplement, tire transposition, dynamic balance and other services, and focuses on the importance of tire pressure management in summer and the common sense of tire seasonal maintenance

the test data shows that a considerable number of car owners lack knowledge of the safe use of tires, especially the problem of improper tire pressure. Tire pressure has a very important impact on the safety, fuel consumption and comfort of vehicles, which is often called "tire life". Insufficient or insufficient tire pressure has a decisive impact on tire wear, fuel consumption, failure and damage. The research shows that if the tire pressure is lower than the optimal tire pressure by about 10%, the normal service life of the tire will be reduced by 15% and the fuel consumption will increase by 2.5%. Therefore, the tire pressure inspection must be carried out regularly. Jinhu tire made timely air pressure supplement for users in this event to ensure the driving safety of the majority of car owners

at the same time, in order to prolong the service life of tires, increase safety, and more effectively ensure the average wear of tires, the professional service personnel of Jinhu tires have provided transposition services for some new national standards of cars, basically learning GB8624 (2) 006 standard. At present, due to the different suspension and positioning angles of the front and rear axles of most domestic passenger cars, the wear of the front wheels is usually about 20% higher than that of the rear wheels. Jinhu tire recommends that customers change the tires every kilometer. In addition, experts remind that emergency acceleration and emergency braking should be avoided as much as possible during driving. When driving in concave or no acceleration areas, judge according to the required failure mode, and drive slowly. When parking, pay attention to avoid bumping the side of the tire, so as to effectively improve the service life of the tire

with the perfect conclusion of this event, Jinhu tire continues to provide consumers with a steady stream of considerate services. Recently, Jinhu tire took the lead in launching the mobile "service vehicle" mode in the industry. The service vehicle is equipped with tire repair tools and instruments such as tire disassembly and assembly machine, tire dynamic balancer, air pump, etc. and the professional customer service personnel of Jinhu tire have a low level of achievement to provide mobile and convenient services such as tire transposition, repair and replacement for car owners on site. Following the first inspection service launched in Shanghai Minhang sports park on Saturday, Jinhu tire service car drove to Qishen Road Post station and Anting Century Lianhua supermarket parking lot this week, benefiting more car owners. In the future, there will be opportunities to enjoy the new "mobile services" brought by Jinhu tire in areas with dense vehicles such as highway rest stations and parking lots

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