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Jinhai Pulp and paper patented products appear in Hainan intellectual property achievement exhibition

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core tip: on April 20, Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. brought high-quality products with a number of invention patents to participate in Hainan The opening ceremony of Haikou intellectual property publicity week and the intellectual property achievements exhibition of the 12th Five Year Plan

[China Packaging News] on April 20, Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. brought high-quality products with a number of invention patents to participate in the opening ceremony of the intellectual property publicity week in Hainan Province and Haikou City and the intellectual property achievement exhibition of the 12th Five Year Plan

the theme of this intellectual property achievement exhibition is "implementing the intellectual property improvement project and accelerating the construction of a strong province with intellectual property". The exhibitors showed their achievements in intellectual property during the "12th Five Year Plan" through exhibition boards or physical objects. The selection of Jinhai Pulp and paper includes a streamline equipment equipped with customized mixing head from henegie, a mixed metering equipment from Klaus mafi, and dozens of exhibits such as cultural paper sample books and high-end printing materials with multiple patented technologies, which systematically show the achievements of the company's intellectual property transformation. As soon as the Hainan famous brand "whale king" brand cultural paper series pattern books and other exhibits were unveiled, they received extensive attention from the on-site audience. They came forward to consult, negotiate, request the pattern books, and hope to further understand the company's new achievements in intellectual property

in view of the new situation and requirements faced by the current pulp and paper market, Jinhai Pulp and paper attaches great importance to product transformation and upgrading, scientific and technological innovation and patent application, and has established a diversified incentive mechanism to encourage employees to carry out technological innovation and patent achievement transformation. The company has repeatedly invited intellectual property experts and consultants to go deep into various R & D departments and production workshops to train and coach "job inventors" and explore more patent application opportunities

in recent years, the company's employees have continuously made new achievements in pulp production, research and development of new cultural paper products, and obtained a number of invention patents. Among them, the "number of effective utility model patents" ranks third in the province; "Low carbon manufacturing innovation institutions also need to pay attention to the following points" ranked fourth in the province; In 2016, the company passed the mid-term acceptance of intellectual property cultivation enterprises in Hainan Province and the acceptance of intellectual property implementation enterprises in Hainan Province, obtained the certificate of intellectual property management system, became the first batch of enterprises to obtain intellectual property certification in Hainan Province, and obtained the title of "national intellectual property advantage enterprise"

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