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Huang Hongting: don't want to make the enterprise bigger

Huang Hongting: don't want to make the enterprise bigger

on September 9, 2010, at the project construction site of Fujian (Longyan) Rare Earth Industrial Park

[China paint information] I really know so many friends in the business community who think the same way as me: just don't want to make their own enterprise bigger, which may be a little "anti trend" spirit today

why are we talking about this topic today

it's because when we talk about starting a business or starting a business, we immediately follow up with capital problems, project problems, market problems, marketing problems, management problems, talent problems, etc

in fact, if you don't want to make the enterprise bigger, nothing is a big problem. Start with as much money as you are familiar with, work on as many projects as you are familiar with, gather as many "b0.36 materials" as you can, sell as many products as you can, and earn as much money as you can. If you don't want to eat a fat man in one bite, you'll become a "muddy pig" if you don't eat well. If you eat hard, you won't digest it

as long as entrepreneurs want to expand their enterprises, they are often followed by high blood pressure. Experts are cold, and they often get dizzy. Needless to say, I have committed this problem myself. Just imagine that in recent years, whether it's Sanzhu, giant, Shenyang Feilong and Yalong, it's all caused by entrepreneurs who want to make the enterprise bigger and more brilliant. Recently, brain gold has made a little "trouble"

once you want to make the enterprise bigger, the first problem you encounter is the shortage of funds. If you are short of funds, you need to borrow money or introduce other people's funds to transfer your shares. And often think that the more loans the better, and finally become a bank job, but the bank is the most "snobbish" yamen, when you have money, he will try every means to please you, once you have no money, his face is worse than wax gourd, when it is time to let you die, he does not blink

the second problem is the project problem

once you want to make the enterprise bigger, it is often easy to take risks. I have also seen projects with seemingly high profit return, and projects with an annual return of five times, but high returns are accompanied by high risks, which is often invisible to decision makers. Our company has been taking "making the best paint in the world" as its business philosophy, aiming to build every family into a "healthy and energy-saving home". I remember a long time ago, Huazai was advised to enter the real estate industry at that time. At that time, the form of real estate was very good. However, Ren Zhengfei did not enter the real estate industry. He said that we should do our best to make dedicated telecommunication equipment. Later, he said that if we entered the real estate industry at that time, we would not have Huawei today

the third problem is the market problem

once you want to make the enterprise bigger, of course, you have to find ways to expand market share, and you want to rule the whole China and move towards the world. As a result, you are besieged on all sides, holding down the gourd and floating up the ladle. The front of the battlefield is arrogant, and the back yard of your hometown is full of elbows, swollen and fat

Tu enterprises have made particularly serious mistakes in this regard, and always want to quickly open the market nationwide. As a result, the market was the first in the city to realize four closed-loop processes, including "electronic sampling", "intelligent pre-processing", "detection upload" and "monitorable burning", which were sporadically developed to some dealers across the country. In the end, advertising, transportation, service and other policies could not keep up. As a result, the market is basically developing one by one, and the market is slowly exhausted

the fourth problem is marketing.

once you want to make the enterprise bigger, you need to sell your products in large quantities. Of course, the prerequisite for sales is advertising, and what is advertising? Just shout! Spend money to buy a cry. Of course, more people will come to buy it if it's good. If it's not good, it will become a loss making cry, and the "cover in cover" in Harbin will earn a cry. Maybe people in other places don't know what "cover" means, thinking it's a homonym for "calcium". In fact, in Harbin language, "cover" means "great" and "excellent", but no matter how "excellent" or "great in great", Hundreds of millions of advertising fees can't be collected back, which is enough for them to drink a pot. I know their equipment supplier. The order of oral liquid filling machine is 100 at a time. I don't know what to keep in the future

the fifth problem is management problem

once you want to make the enterprise bigger, you will encounter management problems. When a few people or dozens of people are under the eyes of entrepreneurs, no matter how theorists accuse entrepreneurs of private enterprises, how they can't manage, how they don't understand MBA, and how they don't have a good level, these private entrepreneurs can make money and can make money than theorists. Theorists simply say that you can't do it if you continue to develop. In fact, this is all guessing what he thinks, Just let the theorists come? I don't think so. I have a classmate who teaches MBA. He is a professor. I said, do you also try to set up an enterprise? He shook his head. If you hire an external talent management is also a trouble, at the beginning, you provided him with a platform for development. If he had his own ability, he might not be able to climb this platform in 20 years, but once he developed and matured, you would be tired. If you put a pin on him, you would have to break your muscles and bones, and you might be out of breath if he did not keep it

enterprises should not become bigger, but should become stronger first and then bigger, and become stronger and then bigger in a segment of their own industry. In this way, we can maintain our advantages and voice in the field of the industry, and achieve the eternal foundation

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