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the cold shrinkage of low-voltage cable terminal material. The products of cold shrinkage material are made of silicone rubber material through a series of special production processes. In short, it uses liquid silicone rubber to be injected and vulcanized in the factory, and then expanded, lined with plastic spiral supports to form the components of cable accessories. During on-site installation, these pre expansion parts are sleeved at the treated cable ends or joints, and the white plastic support strip supported inside is gently pulled out and pressed on the cable accessories formed on the cable insulation. Performance requirements and test methods of low temperature flexible cable, Conductor: in order to improve the flexibility as much as possible, it is recommended that the design engineer only use annealed flexible copper wire with multiple strands. In bending and folding applications, short concentric stranded wires are used; In torsion winding applications, long concentric strands are used. For conductors with an area greater than 6mm2 (10awg), composite stranded wire structure is required

the continuity of cable production determines that the product quality of the previous process will inevitably affect the next process. Therefore, the production organization and management must be scientific, reasonable, thorough, correct and strict. The operator must strictly follow the process requirements. Any problem in any link will affect the smoothness of the process flow. If there is a quality problem, the whole cable will be scrapped and can be cut off

cable aging reason: long-term overload operation. During overload operation, due to the thermal effect of current, when the load current passes through the cable, it will inevitably lead to conductor heating. At the same time, the skin effect of charge, eddy current loss of steel armor and insulation medium loss will also generate additional heat, which will increase the cable temperature. During long-term overload operation, excessive temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation and even the insulation will be broken down. Low voltage cable head production and installation project: preparation stage: the installation unit has greatly improved the recycling rate of plastic packaging materials. The cable terminal head cover, plastic belt and wiring used have been opened. Chinese people have always expected to develop a conductor nose that can utilize aluminum resources, galvanized screws, cable clips and other materials. Fill in and submit engineering materials/components/equipment for approval, and sign and return them after the review of the supervising engineer. Construction stage: operation process flow: shake the cable insulation → strip the cable armor and clamp → weld the ground wire. When the thin aquapro 37 reaches the reliable waterproof sealing effect, the required tightening stress is the minimum → wrap the cable and cover the cable terminal cover → connect the low-voltage cable core wiring nose to the equipment

cable drag chain is an auxiliary facility for protecting products and supporting the movement of cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, etc., which can solve the friction, damage and disorderly distribution of moving cables in the work of mechanical equipment and oil pipes and gas pipes in the LED lamp accessories industry. Cable drag chain products have a wide variety and complete specifications: such as: Micro drag chain, light drag chain, medical device drag chain, S-shaped drag chain, plastic drag chain, openable drag chain, closed drag chain, conjoined drag chain, composite drag chain, heavy drag chain, ultra long wear-resistant drag chain, extended double row and multi row cable drag chain, silent drag chain, rectangular metal hose, stainless steel conduit protective sleeve, aluminum plastic drag chain, steel drag chain and other products

selection of cable drag chain: drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, fire machinery, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machine, manipulator, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouse, etc. Plastic drag chain is also known as engineering drag chain and tank chain. The cable protection chain can be divided into bridge type, fully enclosed type and semi enclosed type according to the use environment and requirements

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