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Huang Xiaoming investigated and tearfully became a "Fire Hero" on the way out of poverty. Release date: Source: globegroup

climbed countless mountains all the way to the border of China, Laos and Vietnam. Three rivers surround one city, and one city connects the Three Kingdoms. This place called Jiangcheng is the home of one quarter of the wild Asian elephants in the world, and it is also one of the 27 deeply poor counties in Yunnan Province. But the love of the local people for their hometown made starlight team member Huang Xiaoming feel warm and friendly

on the evening of August 16, in the latest episode of "action starlight for poverty eradication" broadcast on CCTV6 film channel and the whole platform, Huang Xiaoming entered Jiangcheng Hani and Yi Autonomous County, Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, went deep into the homes of Asian elephants, helped local people pick the bright green hope on the tea tips, defeated poverty as if extinguishing a raging fire, and became a fire hero on the road to poverty eradication

in September, 2018, Huang Xiaoming came to Jiangcheng County as a "Starlight team member". On the spot, fiberglass was also replaced with metal and wood materials to explore the traces of wild Asian elephants. He also found a five month old baby elephant, named "nuanuan". Under the leadership of inspector Diao faxing, Huang Xiaoming went to the mountain road to look for elephant footprints, identify elephant feces, and understand the survival status of wild Asian elephants

at present, there are 49 wild Asian elephants "resident" in Jiangcheng, and the destruction of crops by elephants has become one of the burdens of local people, but the government has implemented the policy: whose crops have been damaged by elephants, the government will compensate. The task of elephant inspectors is to judge the number and direction of elephant herds. Where the elephant will go, the inspectors will warn the villagers to evacuate in time

"people in Jiangcheng tried every means to solve the problem of harmonious coexistence between people and elephants, but they didn't think of any means to drive away elephants or enslave elephants. They regarded elephants as a gift of nature and on their shoulders. A poor county with a lagging economy has a high-level and avant-garde awareness of animal protection." Huang Xiaoming sighed

he shed tears while having dinner with fellow villagers during the survey. Huang Xiaoming said that this is because he felt the local enthusiasm and kindness in a very short time. He also cited an example: in March this year, when the film channel starlight action launched an action to solve the problem of unsalable Wogan in Jiangcheng. Worried about the damage caused by logistics and transportation, Jiangcheng County government sent a letter saying that if Wogan was broken, it could be refunded and compensated - these things all confirm the kindness of Jiangcheng people

Zhang Xiaoli, the research assistant of Jiangcheng station, suggested that the IP of elephants can be incubated here: "in the era of Internet economy, incubating an IP is relatively faster than hardware investment. We can cash in the traffic, so as to compensate for the local human elephant conflict."

"since the wild elephant came to Jiangcheng in 1999, it has brought us a new resource advantage, that is, the elephant itself." Lei Ming, member of the expert advisory committee of the leading group for poverty alleviation and development of the State Council, pointed out that the arrival of wild elephants shows that the ecological environment of Jiangcheng County has become a local advantage. Green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains. Poverty eradication and human development are also a harmonious unity. The next thing to do is to effectively transform wild resources into local wealth

"my biggest wish is to bring Jiangcheng tea to a place with stars and hope." Zhao Zhen, the "star light rallying force" in this issue of "poverty alleviation and action of starlight", together with this sentence, brought tea fragrance to Beijing. At the age of 15, Zhao Zhen returned to her hometown to take care of the ancient tree tea under the arrangement of her great grandfather's summoning letter. One (in a quiet environment) can hear the sound of the operation of the electromechanical servo system, "planting tea is sowing hope", which has kept Zhao Zhen in this tea garden for 36 years

the tea industry is the pillar industry of Jiangcheng, with a total of 60000 tea farmers. Jiangcheng's poverty alleviation is also closely related to the development of the tea industry. Qiu Ming, the Secretary of Jiangcheng County Party committee, said that Jiangcheng is a tropical rainforest. After that, there is sufficient light, heat and water, which is suitable for the growth of tea. The quality of tea planted is very high. "In history, Jiangcheng is a very famous Distribution Center for the production, sales and processing of Pu'er tea, and it is a must pass through the ancient water tea horse road."

the large output value of Jiangcheng tea industry has become a difficult problem in the fight against poverty. The lack of leading enterprises and the high logistics cost caused by the lack of highways are the factors restricting the development of Jiangcheng tea industry. Ouyang Daokun, executive dean of China tea business school, pointed out: "what kind of tea is suitable for the ecological environment, we should do research on different types of tea; we should not be locked in the house to make tea, but also look at the market demand."

Xu Ziwei, the tourism ambassador and musician of Pu'er City, wrote the song "tea is not cold when people walk" inspired by Pu'er tea. "The moment you see Jiangcheng, you will feel suddenly enlightened. As a tourism ambassador of Pu'er, I hope that through my music, more people can go there and stay there." Xu Ziwei said that he was deeply impressed by the scenery and Humanities of Jiangcheng

at the scene of the program, Huang Xiaoming also sang "one city connects three countries" with singers from Vietnam and Laos. He also showed the audience the local characteristic folk custom - purse, and recalled that when he went to Jiangcheng, he was hung with a purse by local people

in this border area where one city connects the three countries, Huang Xiaoming said that the tourism industry linked by the three countries can also bring development opportunities to Jiangcheng: "the purse throwing conference can be held in turn by the three countries every year, symbolizing the eternal friendship between the three countries." In the view of young actor Zhang Haiyu, a member of starlight power group, Jiangcheng's tourism cost-effective is very high, "one ticket can play in three other countries"

in addition to paying attention to wild Asian elephants, Huang Xiaoming also recommended and endorsed the agricultural products of Jiangcheng, such as tea, dried beef, brown sugar, honey, etc. "Xiaoming's team went deep into the river city, took Pu'er as their hometown, regarded the frontier people as their relatives, and endorsed and helped them, which won the praise of Pu'er people. It can be said that Pu'er was moved by the truth." On the same day of the program, the Secretary of Pu'er municipal Party committee satellite also awarded the title of poverty alleviation public welfare ambassador to Huang Xiaoming. It is hoped that more artists will pay attention to poverty, focus on key areas, use demonstration poverty-stricken areas, care for the poor, and actively participate in the action of public welfare poverty alleviation

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