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Huanghai rubber technology innovation reduced costs

the improvement of all steel tires in the first quarter achieved an effect of 4.15 million yuan

since last year, affected by the soaring international crude oil price and other factors, the price of raw materials for tire production has risen sharply, directly resulting in a sharp rise in production costs. Adding 1 Quantitative EMI (2) 00 this year can improve the plasticization of materials. In the first quarter, Huanghai rubber group closely followed the trend of tire development and carried out technical innovation with reducing tire costs and improving tire performance as the core, especially increased the technical transformation of old products of all steel tires, and achieved obvious benefits

since this year, the group has taken further effective measures against the shoulder space problem that affects the quality of all steel tires. The filling system and vulcanization system were adjusted, and a new formula of all steel shoulder pad with low heat generation, high elasticity and tear resistance was successfully designed, but a large amount of cost could be saved in protection. In order to meet the market demand, the crown of all steel PCR products was improved according to the feedback market information, and its wear resistance was further improved. In order to reduce costs, the group adjusted the product formula in time according to the changes in raw material prices. Technicians also improved and successfully designed a low-cost all steel tread formula. At present, the constant stress, constant strain and creep test sites that need constant stress, constant strain and construction materials have been applied for more than a quarter. Huanghai rubber has carried out 21 technological innovation projects for the transformation of all steel tires, including the weight reduction of tubeless tires, the increasingly prominent problem of express delivery pollution, and the application of new carcass steel wires, with a cost reduction of 4.15 million yuan

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