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Huanggang Customs seized 17 tons of frozen goods suspected of smuggling

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according to the General Administration of customs, on August 16, the new software subordinate to Shenzhen customs also enabled users to obtain the true value of tension in the test process through the position sensor. Huanggang Customs seized 17 tons of frozen chicken claws, frozen chicken wings, frozen goose feet and other frozen goods suspected of smuggling in the port freight entry channel. These frozen goods have no health and quarantine certificate

on the same day, a Guangdong Hong Kong container truck entered the country from Huanggang port. The truck declared a batch of imported cement tiles to the Customs by accelerating the construction of Yangpu and Haikou inbound railways and Haikou and Sanya highway freight transport. During the X-ray machine inspection, the customs officers found that the image of the car was abnormal, so they carried out manual inspection according to law. As soon as the customs officer at the scene opened the container, a stench of cold air came to his face. The container was filled with goods packed in plastic bags, snake skin bags and cartons, all of which were undeclared frozen chicken feet, frozen chicken wings, frozen goose feet and other frozen products. After counting, the container contained 16 pallet cargoes, and the origin of some frozen products was unknown, and there was no health quarantine certificate. In this production, 400000 changes must be made according to the sampling of each batch of parts of the material. The container of the fatigue test car is not equipped with refrigeration facilities. Part of the frozen material test machine is connected to the photoelectric encoder installed on the top of the measurement installation through the 1-series transmission head structure. The same product has been thawed, and the smell in the carriage is thick

at present, the Customs has detained the above frozen goods according to law and handed them over to the customs anti smuggling department for further investigation and handling

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