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youyou printed a drowning prevention safety leaflet at your own expense

The sensor of Jinan gold testing tensile machine is a world-famous brand @ Dongzi running Weibo. It says: the June day has just passed, the summer vacation is approaching, and drowning is high. Henan little ant volunteer service team forwarded the Ministry of education to distribute 5 safety education wallcharts and cards free of charge to primary and middle school students nationwide. We are going to make 100 wallcharts, 1000 cards, and give them to primary and middle schools in the city free of charge. Each unit has 5 wallcharts and 50 cards

yesterday, during the printing process, @ Dongzi was running and expanded the number of printed cards to 5000

@ Dongzi has also set up a renewable raw material negotiation area, a new technology material experience area, etc. it is called Tiandong, the owner of a small print shop

he said that he did not come to Zhengzhou to start a business for a few years, so he had a good foundation. However, for the sake of the children's summer safety, it was worthwhile for him to make some money. He has limited power alone and hopes to lead more people to follow up and jointly publicize the students' summer safety

he wants schools and communities in need to contact him. Yes, it is free to send. At present, some communities and schools have contacted him

Ministry of education drowning prevention poster doggerel

pictures and texts

log in to the Ministry of education page, and you can download the primary and secondary school students' drowning prevention safety education poster and primary and secondary school students' drowning prevention safety education card

in the flipchart of safety education on drowning prevention for primary and secondary school students, the common sense of how to prevent drowning is explained with doggeres and cartoons, which is convenient for popularization and memory

in the cartoon, both pictures and texts emphasize that it is unsafe to swim in the wild and dangerous in unfamiliar waters

in the drowning self rescue, it introduces how to save yourself in case of danger. For example, the key points of calmness and relaxation are: hold your breath, tilt your nose to the surface of the water, breathe deeply into your mouth and gently exhale through your nose, and keep your body steady for help

in the correct rescue diagram, it is emphasized that we should not blindly launch into the water to rescue, but learn to rescue correctly

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