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Dynamic future, a new generation of intelligent video conferencing hardware made a shocking debut

on July 20, the leader of the video industry, dynamic, will hold the smart link conference dynamic future 2017 dynamic conference room level visual intelligent hardware new product launch at Beijing Junma international hotel. In this July, China Mobile will launch a new generation of intelligent hardware products to write a new chapter in the corporate intelligence conference room office

mobile conference room level visual intelligent hardware

but the intelligent terminal is based on the mobile terminal? The new generation of intelligent hardware system activeos has been developed. Activeos has made maximum optimization in audio and video coding and decoding, echo cancellation and network communication layers. GPU can reach two channels 1080P@30fps H. 264 video coding capability, supporting 2-channel video input and connecting 2 sets of TV sets externally, which has become a rare standard configuration in the headquarters conference room

the intelligent terminal is small in size and adopts the integrated design concept. It has a built-in 1080p HD elongation camera that can measure the specimen. The pickup distance can reach 10 meters. The deployment is flexible and simple, and the installation can be completed in one minute. The new generation of conference room level intelligent hardware system is specially designed for enterprise application scenarios. It has the functions of video conference, live video broadcast, enterprise classroom, video recording, wireless screen transmission, enterprise address book and so on. It can meet the various needs of enterprises. It is a necessary artifact for enterprise Conference rooms

video conference

intelligent hardware can invite, computer, tablet, mobile conference terminals to join the conference, or call Cisco, Polycom, Huawei and other conference terminals to hold video conferences anytime and anywhere

live video

when enterprises conduct internal training, product launches, exchange meetings and other enterprise activities, they can use dynamic intelligent conference hardware to broadcast live through the instant messaging platform, or push it to a third-party platform for live broadcast, which can be used indefinitely within a year

Enterprise Cloud class

3000+ courses, 1000+ lecturers and 200+ training institutions provide you with the most professional training guidance services

video recording

one click can record and save the conference process and training process, sort them out, and upload them to the enterprise cloud classroom for easy viewing and learning in the future

wireless screen transmission

the laptop screen can be synchronously displayed to flat panel TVs, projectors, LED large screens and other devices without using any wired device connection

enterprise address book

the address book function can save common contacts of enterprises, make it easier and faster to find and facilitate enterprise communication

dynamic helps enterprises to open up intelligence, vigorously develop plastic granulator technology using renewable energy and industrial waste heat, a new era of smart conference room

enterprises can use dynamic intelligent hardware to organize groups, and hold high-definition video conferences to meet the daily meeting needs of enterprises. Enterprises can launch live broadcast with one click when conducting product launch conferences, exchange meetings and other activities, and there are multiple live media platforms to choose from, which provides convenience for enterprises' external promotion activities

the mobile intelligent hardware terminal can record and save the internal annual meeting, weekly meeting, brainstorming and other meeting processes for later viewing. Enterprises can also directly use intelligent hardware to participate in a large number of online courses, upload courses at any time, and send notifications with one click, so that employees can learn at any time

in addition, the mobile intelligent hardware has the function of wireless screen transmission, which can instantly and synchronously display the current operating contents of the notebook computer to flat-panel TVs, projectors, large LED screens and other screens, eliminating the trouble of connection and keeping the environment clean and tidy

mobile conference room level intelligent hardware terminal can help enterprises create a new management mode, reduce conference costs, increase staff training channels, improve work efficiency, and provide an artifact for enterprise conference rooms

in this new product launch, we also prepared more surprises for all the customers who pay attention to the support activities, which will be announced one by one

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