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Netzsch (Lanzhou) pump industry, the leader of China's single screw pump industry, Netzsch (Lanzhou) pump industry Co., Ltd. (NLP), was formally established in 1993 under the joint investment of German Netzsch group (accounting for 60% of the shares) and Lanzhou Water Pump Factory (accounting for 40% of the shares to improve the effective resolution at the expense of dynamic performance (bandwidth). At the beginning of 1999, Netzsch group of Germany purchased the shares of Lanzhou Water Pump General Plant, and NLP became a wholly-owned enterprise

Netzsch (Lanzhou) pump industry Co., Ltd. (NLP), which was fully controlled by Germany. In recent years, it was initially invested by Netzsch group of Germany (accounting for 60% of the shares) and Lanzhou water pump plant (accounting for 40% of the shares) and officially established in 1993. At the beginning of 1999, Netzsch group of Germany bought the shares of Lanzhou water pump plant, and NLP became a wholly-owned enterprise fully controlled by Germany. Netzsch's main products are Nemo pump (i.e. single screw pump), rotor pump, multi screw pump, chopper, metering dosing system, etc. NLP designs, produces, sells and serves Nemo pumps in strict accordance with the German Netzsch standards

nemo pump is a positive displacement pump, which is suitable for conveying a number of mixed media with high concentration, high visibility, high viscosity, high abrasion, high solid content, gas and solid liquid. The flow of the pump is proportional to the rotating speed. The flow can be controlled by adjusting the rotating speed to achieve accurate measurement. The conveying is stable, without pulsation and shearing, which can maintain the integrity of the conveyed materials. Since NLP produced the first Nemo pump in China in 1994, it has produced more than 150000 Nemo pumps and developed more than 5300 customers. Due to its excellent quality and after-sales service, the brands of "Netzsch" and "Nemo pump" have been accepted by the majority of Chinese users and become recognized as the first-class products. NLP has solved the problem of difficult medium transportation in complex systems in China, and has developed into a leader in the single screw pump industry in China

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