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Artson technology joined ETSI's network function virtualization industry specification working group February 20, 2014 -- China News -- Artesyn embedded technologies, formerly Emerson Network Power's embedded computing and power products department, announced that it would join ETSI's network function Virtualization (nfv) industry specification working group (ISG). The working group was initiated and established by many of the world's top network operators. From the beginning, it was widely supported by the industry. So far, many communication/information equipment suppliers and related technology developers have joined the organization

etsi's network function Virtualization (nfv) industry specification working group (ISG) was established to develop a common structure and related technical specifications for hardware and software infrastructure to support various virtualization network functions. The working group has taken the lead in releasing the five technical specifications, and will formulate more relevant regulations in succession. The published technical specifications involve the development framework of network function virtualization. The new standards clearly define the meaning of some special terms, so that developers can focus on developing various solutions that can operate and communicate, so as to ensure that manufacturers around the world can give full play to the benefits of economies of scale. Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites represent the peak of mechanical properties of movable materials

mark Dunton, software solution manager of Yatsen technology, said: "Yatsen has joined the network function virtualization working group. Therefore, through this organization, we can communicate with the world's top experts on the latest technologies in this field, so that our full line of products can support the evolving infrastructure, and provide an ideal solution for network deployment. We will fully support the network function virtualization industry specification working group, because their development goals are consistent with Yatsen's contribution to communication technology They have the same view on the future development direction of the technology. Yatsen science and Technology Association actively participates in the work of this working group. We will pay special attention to the technical specifications of heterogeneous acceleration and other key functions, and hope that manufacturers can make full use of our technology and experience in this field to quickly realize the virtualization network function. "

Dr. Prodip Sen, senior director of Verizon communications, who is currently the chairman of ETSI network function virtualization industry specification working group, said: "We welcome Yatsen technology to join this working group. The company has advanced technology in enterprise computing and has experience in formulating technical specifications. These technologies and experiences are very useful to us. What is more encouraging is that Yatsen technology is willing to cooperate with our development and adopt our technical specifications in its products."

introduction to Artesyn technology

Artesyn embedded technologies specially designs and produces stable and reliable power conversion and embedded computing solutions. Its products are applicable to many different industries, including communication, computing, medical, military, aerospace and industrial production. For more than 40 years, the customers of Yatsen technology have been convinced that the company can provide them with cost-effective and technologically advanced network 2015 computing and power conversion solutions, so that they can launch their products to the market faster and reduce investment risks. Artson technology has more than 20000 employees worldwide, and has nine advanced technology R & D centers and five world-class factories around the world. Its sales and technical support offices are spread all over the world

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