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The "new" technology of agricultural machinery and the "new" technology of agricultural machinery in Sanqiu have achieved remarkable results in adjusting measures to local conditions.

the "new" technology of agricultural machinery and the "new" technology of agricultural machinery in Sanqiu have achieved remarkable results in adjusting measures to local conditions.

China Construction machinery information has been promulgated for ten years according to the law on the promotion of agricultural mechanization. Due to cognitive limitations, agricultural machinery is still a relatively "new" technology for farmers, especially some large agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters, are less popularized and used

in this issue, the situation of Agricultural Mechanization in the production of Sanqiu in some areas is presented to readers for reference, with a view to strengthening understanding and extending the experience and technology of agricultural mechanization

Liaoning: soil conservation capacity of machine tillage subsoiling

the author saw in the huilao farmer agricultural machinery professional cooperative in Kangping County that the maintenance personnel were busy overhauling the machines to prepare for subsoiling after autumn harvest. This year, Shenyang implemented 200000 mu of conservation tillage, including 60000 mu in Kangping County. Huilao farmer agricultural machinery professional cooperative is one of the project implementation units. Meng Yajie, the president of the cooperative, said: "the combination of subsoiling and conservation tillage has a particularly good effect. Straw is returned to the field as fertilizer to protect the environment. After subsoiling, the land has a strong water storage capacity, moisture conservation, drought resistance and lodging resistance. The three-year subsoiling also reduces the number of mechanical operations, saving diesel and land rotation costs."

Tieling, a major agricultural city in Liaoning Province, started the soil subsoiling test as early as 2003. Years of practice have shown that subsoiling and land preparation have obvious effects of drought resistance, waterlogging resistance and lodging resistance. Especially in this rare year of continuous drought in summer and autumn, the effect of subsoiling and land preparation is more obvious. Tieling has more than 8 million mu of arable land, and more than 5 million mu of arable land suitable for subsoiling. Last year, the number of subsoiling machines increased to 1120. The surface damage caused by rotating friction was much smaller than that caused by sliding friction. 3250 tractors with a supporting power of more than 80 horsepower were used. In that year, subsoiling was promoted to 350000 mu. At present, the total area of subsoiling and land preparation in the city has reached 1million mu, which has laid a solid foundation for the annual record high of total grain production

according to the relevant person in charge of the Agricultural Machinery Management Department of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province has implemented the agricultural machinery subsoiling subsidy project since 2008. The provincial finance allocates a special fund every year to implement the operation subsidy for farmers who carry out subsoiling operations according to the standard of 10 yuan per mu, so as to improve the enthusiasm of farmers to carry out subsoiling and land preparation, and guide and expand the mechanical subsoiling area. From 2008 to 2013, the province has accumulatively invested 140million yuan in the subsidy project for mechanical subsoiling, with an area of 14million mu, which has effectively promoted the promotion and application of agricultural subsoiling and land preparation technology

this year, the provincial government has allocated 40million yuan of special funds. In Shenyang, Tieling, western Liaoning and other major grain producing areas in Liaoning, relying on Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and agricultural cooperation organizations, the subsidy standard has been raised. Through policy guidance, farmers' enthusiasm for deep loosening and land preparation by agricultural machinery has been further mobilized. The planned implementation area of the province has increased significantly compared with the previous year. On the basis of previous years, it is planned to carry out one subsoiling operation in all the suitable plots that have not been subsoiled in the province within three years

if there is a government to carry out a three-point zigzag experiment, the Agricultural Machinery Management Department of the government and the Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives also put forward problems and suggestions in the process of subsoiling. Due to the high cost of subsoiling and land preparation compared with conventional operations, the operating area of each household is small, and the comparative benefit is not obvious, it is necessary to increase policy support. It is suggested to increase the project funds, increase the proportion of subsidies, mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers, and meet all the needs suitable for the scale of agricultural machinery subsoiling and land preparation. At present, subsoiling machines are expensive. It is hoped that the state will issue a separate subsidy policy for subsoiling machines, so as to promote the development of subsoiling work faster

Aohan banner: there are many small harvesters in the hills to help the autumn harvest.

"if we want to harvest all our corn manually, the family can't finish it in four days. The harvesters are so fast that they can finish it in twoorthree hours." On October 12, liubingjin, a villager of Aobao village, niugutu Township, Aohan banner, Inner Mongolia, said happily. The Secretary of the Party branch of dagutou village, sijiazi town said: "the small harvester is smart and convenient. Just before eating the corn ears, the golden corn cobs are spitted out. It can also directly cut the corn stalks, which is fast and clean, saving money and effort."

Aohan banner in Inner Mongolia has a sown area of more than 3.2 million mu this year. It is an area with many hills and is very suitable for small harvesters. It is now the autumn harvest season for corn, but many rural families are obviously short of labor. Many young people go out to work, and the rest of the labor force is mostly the elderly, children or left behind women. Agricultural machinery harvesting has solved the big problem of autumn harvest for local farmers, and has become a powerful assistant for farmers to harvest corn

"In recent years, we have been harvesting corn by harvesters. The old couple have to harvest corn on a 10 mu land for fiveorsix days. If all of us hire people to harvest corn, one person's daily salary plus life will cost 150 yuan. It will take two days for four people to harvest 10 mu, which will cost a total of about 1200 yuan. The harvester harvest is only 60 yuan per mu, which can be completed in more than an hour. The total cost is only 200 yuan. To save 1000 yuan, it is clean, convenient, time-saving and money saving. The harvester is accurate It really helped us a lot. " When the villagers finished their accounts, they all smiled happily

it is understood that in order to promote the modernization of agriculture in the whole banner, further popularize and popularize the utilization rate of agricultural machinery in the whole banner, and also provide demonstration and driving role for farmers, on the basis of the national subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, the local government has issued a series of policies to encourage powerful farmers to purchase corn harvesters and millet harvesters for autumn harvest services, which not only greatly reduces farmers' harvest costs, It has also greatly solved the problem of a serious shortage of rural labor. This year, the whole banner has a machine harvest area of about 1.4 million mu of corn and 800000 mu of millet, saving about 100 yuan per mu of harvest costs. At the same time, the timely and efficient operation of the harvester not only shortens the autumn harvest time and reduces the cost, but also reduces the labor intensity of farmers

Weifang: Agricultural Machinery on-site demonstration and promotion of straw comprehensive utilization technology

in order to promote the popularization of new technologies and new machines and tools for the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, guide farmers to actively use new products of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery, and promote the prohibition of straw burning, Weifang recently held a mechanized straw comprehensive utilization and Zhucheng Sanqiu agricultural machinery operation site meeting in Jiayue Town, Zhucheng City, Shandong Province. On site demonstration of Lovol Gushen three row corn harvester, four row corn harvester with straw spreading function, Lovol large and medium horsepower tractor equipped with square baler, chopping square baler and other machines and tools. On the spot, Lovol's three autumn "one-stop" operation mode consisting of corn harvesting and straw square bundle recycling has made more and more people feel the quickness and convenience brought by agricultural mechanization

the combination of Lovol Ceres three line corn machine and Lovol straw crushing and picking square baler displayed at the site attracted many people to watch. The main problem of Lei's traditional experiment in the front is that it takes a long time to quickly pick and peel corn stalks by Wo Gushen corn machine, and then Lei Wo square baling machine will crush the corn stalks after picking, and then pick them up and bale them

"this Lovol square baling machine has the functions of straw crushing and picking up square bales. Its supporting power is a tractor with more than 50 horsepower. Its working efficiency can reach mu per hour, and the baling size can be adjusted within cm. The overall effect is very good!" The field staff introduced the product features to the user representatives attending the meeting

it is understood that the "one-stop" operation mode of Lovol Sanqiu, for example, is being widely promoted throughout the country. Since the spring corn is mature and harvested in various regions to avoid big trouble, the "one-stop" Lovol three autumn operation team composed of Lovol Ceres corn machine, Lovol tractor and Lovol agricultural machines and tools has successively demonstrated their skills in various regions. "This' one-stop 'operation mode has won the initiative for farmers to seize the agricultural time and deal with the adverse effects of bad weather." At the Zhucheng Sanqiu agricultural machinery operation site meeting, the person in charge of the Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau said: "in the future, our agricultural machinery department will, through active introduction and promotion, widely apply agricultural machinery with mature technology, advanced application, safety and reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection, and in place services to the city's agricultural production, actively cultivate agricultural machinery cooperation organizations and large agricultural machinery households, and constantly promote the process of the city's agricultural modernization."

Ma Zhaoxing, head of the cooperative from Jiayue Town, a city in Shandong Province, also made a special trip with members to watch the demonstration. Seeing a large number of work tools and excellent work performance on site, Ma talked about his feelings: "this Lovol Valley God cb03 has a very good effect through this demonstration. Its row spacing is 60 cm. The structure of the whole vehicle is very compact, especially the effect of returning to the field and peeling is very good. In addition, the upgrading of some header choppers makes this vehicle very suitable for ordinary people!"

according to the data of Foton Lovol heavy industries in 2014, up to now, Lovol Gushen corn machine products have accumulated more than 10000 units. Lovol Gushen corn machine products represented by cb03 three line self-propelled corn machine have become popular in the Central Plains and become a classic model to promote the mechanization of corn harvest

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