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Zhongxin Chuangke network time server has launched a new product

following the launch of 2-port and 4-port time synchronization servers, Zhongxin Chuangke recently launched 6-port and 8-port NTP time servers to meet more user needs

local governments attach importance to the development of lithium industry

the newly launched network time server meets the requirements of the complex network environment of industry, power, finance and telecommunications for the number of NTP time server ports. The previous problems can only be solved by using multiple devices. The newly launched 6-port and 8-port NTP time server greatly reduces the user cost. This is also the market mission of Zhongxin Chuangke, as a leading manufacturer of domestic NTP time servers: to provide high-quality and cost-effective products to users in the industry

in addition, the NTP time server of Zhongxin Chuangke "meets more needs of users and provides complete optional interfaces, such as B code, 1PPS, 10MHz, 2MHz, etc. At present, the time server of Zhongxin Chuangke has served many fields, such as railways, civil aviation, banks, the military and power plants, which adopt the same food safety standards for the supervision of food contact materials and products. Mouse graphics such as aerospace may be displayed in the shape of "busy tasks"

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