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New adult diapers in Japan's aging economy may set off another blue ocean market release date: Source: Chinese paper industry views: 6176 copyright and disclaimer core tips: according to Japanese media reports, Japan's Ministry of land and transport has given a design and development plan for adult diapers in 2018, which is expected to be launched this year. "If the plan can be implemented,

according to Japanese media reports, the 57 year old Japanese land and Resources Minister, who took over the post of new Dow 1 in March last year, gave a design development plan for adult diapers in 2018, which is expected to be launched this year.

" if the plan is implemented, the workload of people working in nursing homes will be greatly reduced. " Masayuki MURAOKA, an employee of the Sewage Planning Department of Japan's Ministry of land and transport, said, "I hope that washable diapers can play a role in Japan's aging society."

Japan is the country with the most serious aging in the world, and products for the elderly have great development potential in Japan. According to Bloomberg, unicharm, a Japanese diaper manufacturer, said that its sales of adult diapers in 2011 had surpassed those of baby diapers. In addition to personal care product manufacturers, Japanese paper companies have also taken a fancy to this fast-growing market and have begun to expand their production scale of adult diapers. Euromonitor, a market research company, estimated that the market size of "adult urinary incontinence" in Japan in 2016 was about US $1.8 billion, accounting for about 20% of the global adult diaper market that year

however, more and more people use urinary incontinence products, which has become a huge burden for the elderly and nursing staff in Japan. A nursing worker in Nagoya told that in their nursing institution, 20 elderly people usually produce three 90 liter garbage bags filled with smelly diapers every day

according to the Japanese sanitary equipment manufacturer lixil, about 80% of these diapers are liquid, which means that if people can separate the liquid inside from the diapers, it will greatly reduce the workload of nursing staff

according to Asahi, the Japanese diaper research group pointed out that the Japanese government's proposal to crush diapers and then flush them with special drainage pipes has great requirements on infrastructure and has a negative impact on the environment. To this end, the group has come up with two alternatives: the first is to use a machine to separate the diapers from the things inside. After separation, the excrement can be cleaned up, and the diapers only need to be thrown into an ordinary dustbin; The other is to use the machine to crush the used diapers and separate the crushed feces for washing

at present, some Japanese companies have responded to the government's No. 1 by measuring elongation and reduction of area Plasticity( δ、ψ) To ensure the safety of the machine parts, start the production of washable diapers. Lixil said in October last year that the company was developing a diaper crusher and hoped to put it into full use in 2021. It is reported that Japan's Ministry of land and transportation also asked Panasonic to develop a prototype device for separating feces from diapers

if Japan can develop better adult diapers, with the development of aging population in other countries, the market of related products will expand to other countries. Euromonitor predicts that in, the sales of adult diapers in the United States will increase by 48%, which is only 2.6% higher than that of baby diapers

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