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New achievements of collaborative integration between Zoomlion and CIFA: the first domestic wet sprayer is off-line in Hunan

new achievements of collaborative integration between Zoomlion and CIFA: the future development trend of the first domestic wet sprayer in Hunan's new material industry must be the off-line of high-end, customized and environmentally friendly materials

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recently, Zoomlion and Italy CIFA are engaged in R & D, production In the aspect of supply chain, in-depth collaboration and integration has achieved significant results: the first domestic css3-z1 wet spray machine was successfully offline in Hunan CIFA. The product is customized for the domestic terminal market after integrating the Italian CIFA wet shotcreting machine technology and combining the actual construction conditions of Chinese tunnels. This product will become the choice of our customers with its excellent performance, high cost performance and timely and perfect after-sales service

another major achievement of in-depth collaboration between Zoomlion and Italian CIFA: css3-z1 wet spray machine

it is understood that Italian CIFA companies will have the following needs early: 1. The thickness of foam will be reduced to 40mm or less; 2. The seat frame was simplified. 32 years ago, the concrete manipulator wet shotcreting machine was successfully developed and manufactured. With the wet shotcreting machine R & D and production technology, it has won the favor of customers in the industry with its installation method. Its products have always been synonymous with high quality, high reliability and good operation experience in the industry. Hunan CIFA is a "localized" innovation base integrating design, R & D and manufacturing in Changsha, Hunan Province, which integrates the advantages of Italy CIFA and relies on its own advanced technology accumulation of concrete machinery

"the off-line css3-z1 wet shotcreting machine fully inherits the 'pure blood' of Italian CIFA CSS-3, and has been improved by Hunan CIFA in combination with the technical highlights of other foreign wet shotcreting machines and the actual working conditions of tunnel construction in China. It can be called a fine product condensing the wisdom and sweat of Chinese and Italian technicians," said maowenge, general manager of Zoomlion Hunan CIFA

according to maowenge, compared with the wet spray machine produced by other professional manufacturers in the world, this css3-z1 wet spray machine inherits several unique features of CIFA in Italy: patented dual drive (motor and diesel) technology, which can be driven by electric or diesel engine; Three section compound manipulator, flexible in expansion and folding; The double turn table design is adopted, which is more adaptable to the tunnel arch contour; Breaking through the traditional design concept of fixed arm base, the arm base can slide along the axis of chassis; Among similar equipment, css3-z1 wet spraying machine covers a wide area under the stand

"in addition, key parts and components such as power, transmission parts, injection metering system, hydraulic and electrical control elements account for 55% (the annual output is about 150million square meters); secondly, plastic doors and windows are all international famous brands, and the production process and process are completely consistent with Italian CIFA."

in recent years, instead of manual operation, concrete spraying manipulator has become a widely used construction equipment in shaft, tunnel, culvert and other fields. At present, domestic high-end wet shotcrete machines are mostly imported products, but compared with domestic brands, their after-sales service, parts supply, adaptability to Chinese working conditions and other aspects are lacking

"Zoomlion Hunan CIFA localizes the production of Italian CIFA wet spray machine precisely in order to get close to the terminal market from zero distance, realize the superposition of the dual advantages of high-end products and perfect services, and create greater value and provide better services for our customers. The birth of css3-z1 has given Chinese users a cost-effective and worry free choice," Mao said

it is understood that Zoomlion acquired CIFA in Italy in 2008 and became the world's leading concrete enterprise. Zoomlion and CIFA have effectively integrated in the field of concrete machinery and achieved good performance. CIFA has production bases in Italy and Changsha, Hunan Province, China, and produces CIFA brand concrete equipment according to the unified quality requirements of CIFA. After CIFA concrete pump truck k38c was offline in Changsha in 2016, k43c and other C series key products were successfully offline in Changsha. The two sides also jointly developed the 101 meter carbon fiber boom pump truck, which set a Guinness world record. The css3-z1 wet shotcreting machine, which is offline this time, is another world concrete product produced by the deep cooperation and integration of both sides

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