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People are talking about the fuel shortage at gas stations: the system design should not become a hotbed of monopoly

shortly after the domestic oil price was lowered, many gas stations began to restrict the purchase and sale of diesel. According to media reports, recently, the owners of private gas stations reported that PetroChina and Sinopec controlled shipments, resulting in the fuel shortage at many private gas stations. The Ministry of Commerce held a regular press conference on the 19th. In response to the recent situation that "private gas stations can not get diesel from Sinopec and PetroChina", shendanyang, a spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said that the retail of diesel and other types of refined oil is in the charge of the Ministry of commerce. However, the supply of refined oil and diesel oil market needs to be negotiated by the Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments, especially the competent price department, as well as with other oil suppliers. I believe the relevant departments will work together to come up with a good solution

Min said that under the circumstances that the petroleum and petrochemical enterprises are profitable and the crude oil supply is sufficient, the product oil market is out of stock and even panic, which is undoubtedly a dereliction of duty. Monopoly behavior is called for by everyone, and the institutional design that breeds monopoly should be withdrawn from the historical stage

the petrochemical giants are indifferent to the society

the blog article signed "wangxuejin" said that the "oil cut" phenomenon that has emerged and even become a new label to highlight personal taste is not the performance of material resistance and deformation due to lack of oil, but the lack of social sense of monopoly giants, who are in conflict with this price reduction and take the opportunity to "fight" in order to make an excuse for the early implementation of a new round of price increases

people say that ensuring the supply of refined oil is a petrochemical society. However, at present, the society under its economic interests has long been forgotten

people "Maidong" said that PetroChina and Sinopec represent the state to control resources, and stabilizing market supply and demand should be the best of these state-owned oil companies. Nowadays, when the petroleum and petrochemical enterprises are profitable and the crude oil supply is sufficient, the product oil market is out of stock and even panic, which is undoubtedly a dereliction of duty

The article signed by "North China" said that the price of refined oil is almost a barometer of the price of industrial and agricultural products because of its industrial foundation. Often, the rise in the price of refined oil not only directly drives the price rise of services and products in relevant industries, but also indirectly drives the continuous rise of the whole price

zhongyunfei, associate professor of the school of packaging and materials engineering, Hunan University of technology, said that if the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel is really tight, it will greatly hit the healthy development of the national economy

according to the "Legend of prawns", it is the time for autumn harvest and autumn ploughing, but there is another oil shortage, regardless of the national plan and the people's livelihood. Is it true that China is short of oil? Why is there no shortage of oil when prices rise? Every time the oil price falls, there will be an oil shortage? This is by no means accidental. It is just a means by which the two giants coerce the country. The fact also proves this reality. Some private gas stations have been unable to get oil from them, resulting in lower oil prices and higher cost of oil. These oil monopolies not only damage the interests of consumers, but also damage the national interests

Xinhua blogger "hurried free man" said that if the supply interruption of "Petrochemical twins" affected the production of autumn grain, it would be a great crime

system design should not be a hotbed of monopoly

the blog article signed by "Zhou Yixing" said that the domestic oil import, production, processing and retail, especially the import links, are almost monopolized by the three giants of PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC. Moreover, this monopolistic monopoly does not come from market competition, but from policy provisions. At present, the three domestic oil monopoly giants monopolize the oil import right, and also monopolize the oil market that accounts for about 50% of domestic production in addition to imports. Although the author feels hateful about monopoly, he is not surprised. Because as long as there is monopoly in the world market, there must be market exclusion, plunder and monopoly. In the face of the frequent "supply cut-off" phenomenon in the domestic oil market, it is not enough to just stop at the condemnation of monopoly behavior. Measured by the fairness of the market system and the requirements for improving social public and public welfare, it seems that we should question the legitimacy and rationality of the current oil institutional arrangements

the article signed by "Ye Zhuyi" in red said that the oil price reduction would create an oil shortage, thus facilitating the concerns of the majority of users that there is no way to see the machine from a long distance. Private oil enterprises are struggling. The oil giants have once again made clear to the public the discourse hegemony of the monopoly industry. In this regard, the relevant departments should come forward to coordinate and intervene to protect the private oil enterprises, alleviate the oil shortage situation and avoid the oil giants forcing prices to rise. More importantly, the "new 36 articles" issued by the State Council encourage and guide private capital to enter monopoly industries such as petroleum, telecommunications, aviation, nuclear power and railways. It should not be empty talk. Relevant departments should think about activating competition in the oil market, take measures to protect legal competition, break industrial monopoly, and let private enterprises and consumers win the right to speak. The author suggests that while lowering the retail ceiling price of domestic refined oil and introducing relevant measures to increase the supply of domestic refined oil resources, the national development and Reform Commission should also clearly reduce the wholesale price of refined oil. In case of wholesale and retail upside down in the oil price of finished products, the accountability procedure shall be started. Let the oil giants dare not exploit loopholes and play tricks

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