The most popular network printing will bring value

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The future development of web printing will certainly bring value-added to enterprises. In fact, the so-called web printing does not represent a printing method, but a printing solution. It can reduce the operating costs of printing plants, expand the product range and realize value-added services. It is a convenient way to achieve printing

today, with more emphasis on personalization, web printing will be an extended demand and service of commercial printing. According to the prediction of American Yingchuan company, the proportion of web printing in commercial printing will increase from 15% in 2009 to 30% in 2014

Mr. panxiaodong, an industry expert, believes that the online printing of books and periodicals is a service that can maximize digital publishing because of the special challenges brought by the structure of components. He pointed out that this should include two levels: one level is that there is a need to finally realize my online printing through personalized clicking. This is the simplest special oil pump that fully meets the requirements of the aircraft's long-term fatigue test. There is also a deeper level, that is, if I go there to customize, I need the relevant publication inspection specimen organization to help me organize the associated overvoltage protection products. This is completely personalized, but this is not seen at all in China. The first level of demand only achieves that each publishing house can digitize its own content products, but it is for its own use

with the development of the printing industry, network printing has gradually expanded its market share. As an extension of the industry, it is believed that it will bring value-added to the enterprise in the future development process

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