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For an enterprise with a volume of US $1billion, network security is no longer a cost issue, but a driving factor for business.

75% of the executives said that security is a key component of their marketing strategy.

72% of the executives said that information security is a recurring issue at every board meeting.

radware (NASDAQ: rdwr), The world's leading provider of network security and application delivery solutions, as the thickness of the waterproof layer of polyurethane waterproof coating is required to be a little thicker than that of polymer cement-based waterproof coating, recently released the survey results of 2019 corporate executives (C-suite). In this report entitled from the selection of anti-theft equipment from 40kN (3) to 00kn to attack, executives turn information security into competitive advantage, Radware found that network security is now regarded by enterprise executives as a key business driver. Senior executives involved in the survey found that the four main impacts of security incidents on the enterprise are: customer loss (45%), brand reputation loss (44%), and revenue loss or operation loss (32% each). Network security, as a business issue, extends to the board meeting. Almost every time the board meeting, most (72%) of the topics of the executive meeting are closely related to information security

the above conclusions are well grounded because the respondents estimated that the average cost of each attack was about US $4.6 million, and among the respondents who estimated that the total cost of network attacks to their organizations was more than US $10million, the proportion almost doubled from 2018 (7%) to 2019 (13%). At the same time, customers want to know the safety work the company has done to ensure its products and services. 75% of executives said security was a key part of their marketing messages. Among the companies surveyed, 50% provided special safety products and services to customers. In addition, 41% of the companies provide additional security functions in their products and services, and another 7% are considering adding security services to their products

anna converge Pelletier, chief marketing officer of Radware, said: enterprises have spent billions of dollars on digital transformation over the years to create faster, easier and more access points, which also increases their own vulnerabilities. This year's enterprise executives' Outlook report focuses on information security and the increasingly complex concept of security strategic management. Although network security continues to be led by CIO and CISO, it is also shared by the entire C-suite. Today, security issues affect brand reputation, brand trust and consumer trust, forcing enterprises to fundamentally change their views on the role of network security in customer experience, marketing and business operations

although the top management has paid more attention to network security efforts, enterprises still have a long way to go in protecting their own security. Most (70%) of the executives surveyed in North America and Europe said that their companies had experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months, while 75% of the respondents surveyed in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa said that their networks were vulnerable to cyber attacks

in addition, Radware's 2019 executive outlook shows that:

the road to improve safety is not always safe. With enterprises stepping up their digital transformation (usually including embracing the public cloud), 54% of the respondents said that improving information security was one of the three reasons why they started the digital transformation process. However, 73% of senior executives said that their public cloud assets were subject to unauthorized access

despite gdpr regulations, data leakage is the most common in Europe. 74 per cent of European executives said they had experienced data breaches in the past 12 months, compared with 53 per cent in the United States and 44 per cent in the Asia Pacific region. In the past year, half (52%) of European executives have experienced self-report events under gdpr

robots continue to affect the bottom line business of enterprises. Executives are discussing robots at a board management meeting. 53% said that their station revenue was reduced due to robot attacks, 51% said that robots distorted the credibility of market analysis, and 36% mentioned the misuse of user accounts or payment information

investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence is growing. In the past two years, most respondents (82%) have invested more budget in machine learning/artificial intelligence. This represents a continuous focus on automation, with only 71% of people holding the same view in 2018. Individual regions reported that 37% of their security budgets were allocated to AI security systems on average (49% in the Americas, 30% in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and 31% in the Asia Pacific region)

more and more customers take action after hacking. After data leakage, survey participants reported an average of 30% of customers lost. They estimate that winning a client again requires an average investment of about $100000

the report analyzes in detail the views and opinions of 263 senior leaders of organizations with major revenues of more than 1billion US dollars/euro/pound. This year's respondents represent the following vertical markets: 30% of financial services, 21% of retail/hotels, 21% of telecommunications/service providers, 7% of manufacturing/distribution, 7% of computer products/services, 6% of business services/consulting and 9% of others

merrill research conducted a survey on behalf of Radware on 263 executives worldwide. The respondents participating in the 2019 C-suite perspectives must be companies with a revenue of no less than 250million US dollars/euros/pounds/RMB, and have a senior vice president or higher position. Four fifths of the companies participating in the survey have revenues of 1billion US dollars/euro/pound, so they require high-performance peek or above. According to the design, the survey requires that at least half of the respondents are C-level managers, but this year's survey attracted more C-level business leaders (94%). Three fifths of the companies surveyed have 1000 to 9999 employees, with an overall average of about 5378. To read the full report of the survey results, please click download

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