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With the rapid development of web printing, how can the Graphic Express Printing industry improve its sales volume

with the development of web printing in full swing, many Graphic Express printing enterprises are seeking web printing solutions for their own enterprises. However, in the face of such a competitive market, how can we solve the difficulties faced by enterprises so that customers can get satisfactory finished products from us? Now let me give you a careful analysis

first of all, they must first train the customers about printing. Through the training, the printing salesmen can not only obtain a solid customer relationship and clarify the needs of customers, but also lay a solid foundation for them to effectively achieve their sales goals. If the printing salesman can not guide the customers correctly, he will face the double difficulties of interpersonal relationship and sales business. The Express Printing training under Indolink media has a team of experts with many years of senior training experience. They all have many years of practical experience. By analyzing the current business situation of the Express Printing Industry and using the training methods of actual combat sharing and situational interaction, the trainees can understand and master how Graphic Express Printing Enterprises can adopt effective management and operation methods to quickly improve team cohesion, production quality and sales performance, At the same time, improve the ability of customer management and service

secondly, it is necessary to clearly tell customers the following three messages:

1. Printing is green

printing is a highly polluting and environmentally friendly industry in people's afterimpression. Many companies even tell their customers not to use paper and printing for the sake of green environmental protection and environmental protection. In fact, these companies are purely to save costs. From the perspective of green environmental protection, the development trend of China's construction machinery industry is described as "Crazy" by the industry. With the continuous upgrading of technology, in fact, the impact of printing on the environment is very small

2. Printing is a humanized interactive channel

according to recent data, marketers are using the mail method to send advertising catalogs and other printed materials with a momentum far greater than before. Printing is an excellent way to achieve goals. Printing can customize personalized information to customers. Although the cost of marketing is low, most enterprises have not added personalized elements in the real sense to the content construction. The way people send e-mails often makes people feel that they are not aimed at themselves and cannot meet people's psychology of being valued. Printed matter can maximize the advantages of humanization

3. Printing can receive more receipts

according to statistics, the number of receipts received by printing and mailing to customers is five times that of mail, which shows that the effect of direct mail is better than that of mail

printing distributors need to let customers fully understand the nature of printing and let each customer know what effect printing can achieve

the printing industry has the obligation to change people's traditional understanding of printing, otherwise printing enterprises will suffer

finally, to increase printing sales, we can start from the following three steps:

1 Select 3 important target customers

2. Prepare a speech to state the many benefits of printing

3. Confirm a time to visit them and explain why they need to use printing more

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