The difference between you and the super designer

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Are you still worried about the imperfect home decoration scheme provided for customers? Can't express design details? Do customers not understand your design? Difficult to find professional design talents

are you still worried

the home decoration scheme provided for customers is not perfect

can't express design details

do customers not understand your design

professional design talents are hard to find


these are not problems

"3D cloud design system" settled in Roland windows

chairman Xiong of Roland windows and general manager Wang of Lejia company held a signing ceremony

both parties shook hands cooperatively

3d cloud design system

01 as long as there is a basic level of painting and design

02 no matter how complex the house type

03 no matter where they are

04 one button soft installation, Parametric customization

05 is easy to understand

the design software used this time for Roland windows is simple to operate, cool in function and rich in modes. The system includes five professional skills: Sales guide, real interaction, door and window design, effect display and quick quotation, which can help you quickly make an order

the recognition and trust of customers are the driving force for the continuous progress of Roland windows. 3D cloud design system + comprehensive services, both hard and soft, to create an extraordinary service experience for customers, creating a qualitative leap





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