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Sliding door is a very practical means of home design. Among the traditional Japanese dwellings, the charm of sliding doors is most abundant

sliding door is a very practical means of home design. Among the traditional Japanese dwellings, the charm of sliding doors is most abundant. It is like a magician. With its sliding, the interior space is recombined

when the sliding door is fully opened, the inner and outer space are integrated into one, coupled with the outdoor bamboo reflection, the ethereal and quiet space effect is very poetic. When the sliding door is half opened and half closed, the mysterious effect of holding the lute half covered the face and wanting to sue and rest appears in the space. When all the sliding doors are pulled up, the independent small space becomes an integral whole...

the sliding door may not be so charming in the current popular house types in Guangzhou, but it is still very useful, such as "sliding" an area out of the living room to make a study, or used in the balcony and bathroom, so that the separation of space and space becomes flexible

wall cabinet - slide out the wonderful

into the wall wardrobe, the whole wall bookcase, and the locker, which are all very popular household storage furniture at present. These furniture are equipped with sliding doors made of various color plates, which are simple and neat

in addition, there are always some spaces at home, such as aisles, staircases, attics, etc., which seem to be useless. At this time, the use of sliding doors to enclose a closet for storing sundries not only makes these spaces play a role, but also may become a scenery in the home

partition - partition and continuous

the enclosure of home space is an art. We don't need to have too many houses, but we need to do specific things in a specific space. At this time, the charm of sliding doors appears

performance 1: sliding door of walk-in dressing room

the dressing room surrounded by the sliding door becomes a scene in the home

the sliding door of the walk-in dressing room. It can be used on both sides. The outside is still like a closet door, and inside is equipped with dressing glasses and lights. The walk-in dressing room can be set in the bedroom or mixed with the study, and the effect of the sliding door can be seen

performance 2: the partition between bedroom and living room

partition between bedroom and living room. The design of sliding door (access door) can be adopted, which adds a sense of fashion and vitality to the simple room. The two spaces are connected as a whole and independent. Comfortable and convenient life is reflected in the moment of light sliding

performance 3: the partition between kitchen and restaurant

the partition between kitchen and restaurant can also take the form of sliding door. Nowadays, open kitchens are popular, but when Chinese people cook, which one is not fried, fried, cooked, fried? As soon as the lampblack is big, the open kitchen becomes a "look good". However, the sliding door that can be opened and closed is just suitable for us to catch up with the fashion and meet the needs of our living habits. Close the door when cooking and open the door when eating. The kitchen and restaurant are integrated

magician of sliding door home space

performance 4: the design of other

sliding doors can improve the lighting area of indoor space

in addition, with the progress of sliding door technology, balcony doors can also use sliding doors. Such a design increases the lighting area, which is very interesting. Some designers will also install sliding doors in the porch to block the visual guidance caused by the improper design of some houses (for example, the door can directly look at the bedroom, bathroom, etc.). However, the original space is not large, and the two doors are very closed, which is worth noting





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