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[Yihe doors and windows] it is the so-called: brand construction, culture first. An enterprise without civilization is like a wine bag without soul. It cannot have the ability to respond to the market more flexibly, nor can it bring consumers a deep sense of brand identity, so as to achieve a civilized consensus. As long as sunshine house manufacturers pay attention to the cultivation of their own brand civilization and continuously attract and infect others with the civilization cost of focus, they can achieve a century old enterprise hopelessly

civilization is the best brand spokesperson

excellent brand civilization is the best spokesperson for the products of sunshine house manufacturers and a useful way to establish corporate image. The additional benefits and attributes of the brand can enable consumers to enjoy the noble feeling brought by the brand while purchasing products, and bring consumers faith. Throughout the well-known sunshine house manufacturers at home, they have made great achievements in the support of brand civilization. However, some sunshine house manufacturers have made many achievements in shaping brand civilization

clearly understand the misunderstanding

first, avoid brand support. Some sunshine house manufacturers feel that creating a brand is a plan for future growth, and their priority is to handle livelihood achievements, coupled with the indifference of enterprise civilization, so as to avoid brand support; Second, the view of governance is weak. Some sunshine house manufacturers do not have special partial management, and most of them are managed concurrently, and the management is extremely simple. They are not familiar with brand strategy and brand positioning, and they are superstitious about brand shortage plans; Third, the brand management is messy. Some sunshine house manufacturers have made achievements in brand positioning prohibition and product expansion shortage plan in brand expansion, which makes them blind in brand expansion and implementation, and is not conducive to the long-term growth of the brand

in the final analysis, these sunshine house manufacturers have not really realized the price of brand civilization, and there are short-sighted actions. At a time when the level of product homogenization is getting higher and higher, brand civilization provides sunshine house manufacturers with a way to win

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