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Wuhan Oushennuo Santa Claus: send warm wishes to customers and consumers

on the morning of December 23, although Wuhan was only a few degrees cold, Oushennuo Santa Claus had set out early and was ready to send Christmas surprise gifts to fans! It is understood that this is the third season of "another Christmas Surprise" of osheno ceramics. As a brand of building ceramics, osheno ceramics rarely adheres to the Christmas festival in its peers, offering sincere blessings to fans and consumers

(2017 "another Christmas" activity of osheno ceramics)

this time, osheno Santa Claus came to Wuhan, but he began a surprise trip without stopping. In addition to the fans I met on the road, there are also many new and old customers who support osheno ceramics. Office buildings, residential areas... At the end of the day, Santa Claus has visited nearly 20 households. These owners, many of whom have Oushennuo's loyal fans, proudly tell us that they have used Oushennuo tiles for two or three house purchases; Some of them are young post-80s generation. The decoration of their new houses has creatively customized a mosaic representing the family with ceramic tiles

(Wuhan osheno ceramic customer real case: simple European porch parquet)

(Wuhan osheno ceramic customer real case: customized Family English alphabet parquet as the porch)

(Wuhan osheno ceramic customer real case: the elegance of European style space created by simple classical parquet)

in addition to offering holiday greetings to customers and fans, Mr. dongwenjie, the product manager of Wuhan Oushennuo ceramics, also came to accompany Santa Claus and made a return visit after sales. Answer questions and advice for customers from the aspects of ceramic tile use, decoration, paving, maintenance, etc. Although it was getting late at the end of the day, manager Dong told us that the best Christmas gift this year was to hear customers' comments on the decoration effect and product satisfaction

Mr. dongwenjie, product manager of Wuhan osheno ceramics (first from the left), took a group photo with osheno Santa Claus and customers

(osheno Santa Claus took a group photo with customers and fans)




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