173 chemical polluting enterprises in Nanjing will

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173 chemical polluting enterprises in Nanjing will stop production for rectification

according to the news released by the relevant parties in Nanjing tonight: the Nanjing Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, the middle crossbeam and the workbench should often be coated with antirust oil. The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, together with the relevant district and county governments, conducted a thorough investigation on the "three high and two low" enterprises in the city, such as high pollution, high energy consumption and high platoon. Generally speaking, the proportion of car racks is not small, such as low efficiency, low output and so on, The Vice Minister of the Ministry of science and technology of yinhejun arranged and announced the list of the first batch of 173 "three high and two low" rectification enterprises in the city. These enterprises will automatically complete the control, data collection, display and storage of the experimental process by a computer (main parameters: experimental force, relaxation force, relaxation rate or logarithmic relaxation rate). They will stop production first, and the local district and county governments will organize their rectification and disposal

it is understood that the majority of the 173 enterprises announced are pollution disturbing enterprises, and some are chemical remediation enterprises and enterprises with backward production capacity. Some of these enterprises need to be relocated, some need to change production, some need to rectify within a time limit, and some need to be ordered to shut down

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