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Donghua machine tool castings entered the Japanese market

on April 17, I walked into the production workshop of Donghua Casting Co., Ltd. and saw that machine tool castings came out of the mold after resin sand molding, core assembly, casting, grinding, painting and other processes. These products will be shipped to Dalian port and sold to the international market. This year, Donghua casting has set its sights on the international high-end market of machine tool castings, and will sell products made in China to Japan through cooperation. It is expected that by the end of the year, the production of machine tool castings of the company will reach more than 15000 tons, realize an output value of 90million yuan, earn foreign exchange of 15million dollars, and realize profit and tax of 18million yuan

Benxi Donghua Foundry Co., Ltd. is located in the Manchu nationality of Benxi to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; CAOHEKOU Town, Autonomous County, mainly produces iron castings, mainly CNC machine tool accessories and CNC machining center accessories. This casting enterprise with only more than 100 people has an annual casting production capacity of more than 40000 tons, and its products are mainly sold to the international market. Donghua's products have the ability to compete in the international market because of their excellent product quality. "Our scrap rate is always controlled below 2%." Chengchunyang, general manager of the company, believes that the reason for the low scrap rate is that on the one hand, the enterprise has made great efforts in technology and management, on the other hand, the quality of raw materials is good, "Benxi 'ginseng iron' has low phosphorus, low sulfur and low impurities, excellent toughness, and ensures product quality."

in response to the fierce competition in the manufacturing market in vigorously promoting independent innovation, technological progress and improving product quality, Donghua Casting Co., Ltd. continues to seek benefits from management and reduces production and operation costs by refining internal management. They have strict technical indicators in every link of production. Products that fail to meet the requirements are not allowed to enter the next production link, so that the scrap rate is controlled within 2%. In order to ensure the product quality, the company also equipped the laboratory with a full set of iron castings testing equipment to test the strength, hardness and micro alignment of each batch of products produced. Keri can well extend the observation of organization, so as to ensure that each casting product can meet the requirements of customers

high quality raw materials and strict management have made the products of Donghua Casting Co., Ltd. recognized and favored by cooperative enterprises and foreign customers. In 2016 alone, the company's machine tool casting output was 7400 tons, achieving an output value of 37.7 million yuan. However, the company is not satisfied with this. This year, they set their sights on the high-end machine tool industry - the Japanese market. "Japan can produce the world's top CNC machine tools, and has high technical and quality requirements for machine tool castings, and the price of machine tool castings in Japan is 20% higher than the standard price in the international market. If the Japanese market can be opened, the company can not only obtain more profits, but also improve the technical content, market share and competitiveness of products." Cheng Chunyang said that this year, enterprises have begun to focus on the international high-end in terms of product research and development and product quality. "In the first two months, 1700 tons of machine tool castings have been produced, with an output value of 12million. In 2016, more than 90 yuan has been openly invested in new lines, and some products have entered the Japanese market."

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