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Donghua energy introduced Dow Chemical's new polypropylene process technology

-- to build the first Dow Unipol polypropylene plant in the eastern coastal region of China

Shanghai, China – on February 25, 2013, Donghua energy signed a technology license agreement for a 400000 ton polypropylene project with Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company ("Dow")

Donghua energy's polypropylene project produces homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers from propylene obtained from their upstream propane dehydrogenation unit

"Dow Unipol polypropylene process technology was selected for our first device because Dow Chemical not only has excellent R & D capability and technical licensing expertise with an error of no more than 0.10/1000, but also has a well-known advanced process of left back pressure reduction," Mr. Wang of Donghua Energy said. "Through Dow, we will produce high-quality random copolymers, homopolymers and impact copolymers that exceed market demand."

this plant, located in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu Province, will be the first Dow Unipol polypropylene plant in China's eastern coastal region and China's Polypropylene Market Center

"using Unipol polypropylene technology, Donghua energy will provide downstream manufacturers with the polypropylene resin needed to produce more beautiful, lightweight and clean polypropylene products that customers have been pursuing," said Mr. Trish klekleiner, President of United Carbide Chemicals and Plastics Technology Co., Ltd, "Donghua energy can also produce Unipol polypropylene resin with high melt index, helping downstream resin processing enterprises to improve the efficiency of production lines and obtain benefits from Unipol products with high melt index."

at present, 48 Unipol polypropylene units transferred from Dow functional plastics technology transfer and catalyst business department have been put into production all over the world. Unipol polypropylene process is a full gas phase process that can produce a full range of polypropylene products. It has simple design, stable and uniform product quality, high energy efficiency, and no solvent treatment, separation, and recovery facilities. The fluidized bed reactor is supplemented by efficient consistatm catalyst and shactm catalyst system to provide flexibility for the production of homopolymers, random copolymers and impact copolymers

the launch of wood plastic composites marks the technological innovation of plastic composites in Dow Chemical Company

Dow is a diversified chemical company that uses the power of science and technology to constantly innovate and create a better life for mankind. The company applies the principle of sustainability to chemistry and innovation, and is committed to solving many challenges in today's world, such as meeting the demand for clean water, realizing the production and conservation of renewable energy, and improving crop yields. With its leading businesses in specialty chemistry, high-tech materials, agricultural science and plastics, Dow provides customers in 160 countries and regions around the world with a wide range of products and services, which are used in high-speed developing markets such as electronic products, water treatment, energy, coatings and agriculture. In 2012, Dow's annual sales were about US $57billion, with 54000 employees worldwide, and 88 factories operating 1gbt242 (1) 997 metal tube flaring experimental methods in 36 countries, with more than 5000 products. Unless otherwise specified, "Dow" or "company" refers to Dow Chemical Company and its subsidiaries

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