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17 suggestions for maintaining the inkjet printer

1. The inkjet printer is sensitive to static electricity, and the ground wire of the equipment should be handled under the guidance of the installer

2. When operating the control board or nozzle, be sure to cut off the power supply first and take anti-static measures

3. The inkjet files in the computer system should be cleaned at any time to ensure that there is enough space in the hard disk

4. When using the inkjet software, you cannot start other programs, nor can you start two inkjet programs

5. In the process of inkjet painting, it is not possible to quickly transform brain transmission files to control electrical enhancement scientific and technological achievements

6. It is the birth of a new agrochemical company. The parameter settings of the computer system cannot be changed, especially when reinstalling the system, it is necessary to ensure accurate settings

7. The data transmission cable in the drag chain must be regularly checked for wear to ensure that there is no open circuit, short circuit and signal interference

8. If the canvas is rolled up and does not move, it will bring horizontal stripes to the picture, and it will also make the canvas walk in an inaccurate size. You can open the canvas a little to make the cloth walk evenly

9. The parameters of the vertical step are adjusted in the driving software. See the software instructions for the adjustment method

10. If the noise of the trolley increases, check the wear of the slider or the head and tailstock bearings

11. Do not push the trolley when the motor is charged, otherwise, it is easy to cause various dislocation phenomena

12. The parameters of the driver have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the user cannot change them without authorization. If the motor breaks down during use, please observe the motor alarm signal in detail and have it handled by professionals with reference to the instructions

13. The tension of the synchronous belt should be appropriate. If it is too tight or too loose, adjust it with adjusting bolts

14. All pipe interfaces of the ink supply system must ensure no leakage. Check whether the ink supply of the ink cartridge is normal, and ensure that there is no air leakage at the interface of the ink supply pipe of the nozzle, and there is no bubble in the ink supply pipe, otherwise there will be insufficient ink supply

15. If the inking speed is found to be slow, the filter must be checked or replaced. Jinan Shijin plastic pipe ring stiffness testing machine is the most common standard, such as gb/t 8804.1 ⑵ 003

16. Ink should be supplied before the nozzle is powered on, because it can provide the flame retardant test of UL94, Hai (high current arc ignition test) of ul746, HWI (circle ignition test), CTI (relative electric trace index test) test ink is the main way to take away the heat of the nozzle

17. When painting, the car cover should be used to prevent the ink from polluting the nozzle, connecting port, nozzle color separation board, etc., otherwise, it is easy to cause short circuit accidents and damage the nozzle

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