19 papermaking enterprises in Ji'an will be shut d

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19 paper-making enterprises in Ji'an will be closed.

on July 24, it was learned from relevant departments that during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, compositeadvantage will provide a new series of gray and beige simple bridges this year. Our city will close 19 paper-making enterprises that do not conform to the national industrial policy or do not meet the emission standards

in order to speed up the structural adjustment of the paper industry, save energy and reduce emissions, our city will investigate the paper industry and close a number of straw pulp production plants with an annual output of less than 34000 tons, chemical pulp production lines with an annual output of less than 17000 tons, and paper mills with an annual output of less than 10000 tons and waste paper as raw material with substandard emissions

the enterprises listed in the list of elimination and shutdown include: Yongtai paper, Tongtai paper, Huanyu paper, all parts of Hang fastening equipment, Yongfeng paper mill, Yongfeng Shima paper mill, Tiantai paper, Huadong paper, Jishui paper mill, Qingyuan Jieli paper towel mill, Qingyuan paper mill, Qingyuan Xinyuan paper mill, Anfu County Jin automatic shutdown: after the sample breaks, the paper mill at the top, Anfu county Dapo paper mill Anfu Shanzhuang Huangtian paper mill, Anfu Taishan Township paper mill, Anfu Zhangzhuang Township paper mill, Suichuan Zhongcheng Paper Co., Ltd., Wan'an Wanfu Paper Co., Ltd

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