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Dongguan printing special job fair was held on the 26th of this month

on October 26th, Dongguan will hold a special job fair for the printing, paper products, packaging and advertising industries. It was learned from Zhitong talent market yesterday that more than 200 enterprises will participate in the fair and provide nearly 4000 jobs. Senior technical talents in printing engineering, mechanical engineering, automation and packaging engineering, as well as skilled technicians, will be very popular

it is reported that with the vigorous development of printing, paper products, packaging, advertising and other industries in the Pearl River Delta, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As an industry with frequent job hopping and high mobility, enterprises in the printing, paper, packaging and advertising industries have put forward talent reserve plans to prevent vacancies caused by brain drain after the Spring Festival next year

in the master control program, including the experiment p1.3 adopt 232 or serial port communication program main module, parameter setting module, database management module, report forms printing module, sensor calibration module It is understood that the printing industry in Dongguan is quite developed, and many world-famous printing companies have factories in Dongguan. Among them, well-known printing enterprises such as Junsi, Lifeng Accor, Tiger color, etc. have a large demand for professional talents, and most of them are batch talents. This special printing job fair is also set up in response to the talent needs of enterprises in the industry. A large number of senior technical talents in printing engineering, mechanical engineering and automation, packaging engineering, printing machine captains, oil polishing machine captains, post process supervisors and other types will be introduced, which are widely used in many fields such as home appliances, automobiles, electric tool shells, grass-roots management talents and skilled technicians. In addition

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