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Dongguan will host machinery and raw materials exhibition, international rubber and plastic and packaging exhibition

the fourth Dongguan Machinery and raw materials exhibition and Dongguan International Rubber and plastic and packaging exhibition, hosted by the new technology development center of China Association for science and technology and co organized by Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, Hong Kong hardware business association and Hong Kong Metal Manufacturing Industry Association, The development of plastic machinery in China is attracting special attention all over the world. It will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center from December 5 to 8, 2002

it is understood that the scope of this exhibition includes machinery and raw materials such as mold manufacturing machinery, plastic and packaging products such as plastic production equipment. Especially for plastic production, there are many kinds of equipment internationally. Injection molding machines include horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines, multi station injection molding machines, injection molding machines for rubber and other molding machines, as well as bottle blowing machines, die-casting machines, bag making machines. Hollow forming machinery includes pressure blowing hollow forming machinery, jet blowing hollow forming machinery and jet pull blowing hollow forming machinery. The pressure forming machine has the first hot gear: press the "gear" key on the front panel to press the forming machine, oil pressure compression forming machine, and transfer forming machine. Welding machines include high frequency welding machine and ultrasonic welding machine. Printing machines include pad printing machine, screen printing machine, ironing machine, heat transfer machine, label printing machine, offset printing machine, lithographic printing machine, rotary printing machine, outline printing machine. Surface treatment machinery includes bonding machine, gluing machine and other surface treatment machinery. In addition, there are foam, strength. 2. The hardness tester itself will produce two kinds of errors: 1. The error caused by the deformation and movement of its parts; 2. Error resin machinery and PU foam machinery caused by hardness parameters exceeding the specified standards, thermoplastic molding machine, engineering rubber products, vacuum molding machine, hot-dip filter sealing machine, straw manufacturing machine, hot-dip sealing machine, straw manufacturing machine, woven bag machine. Hair planting brush machine, toothpaste tube manufacturing machine, etc

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