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Donghua futures on the 20th Shanghai Rubber Technology unwinding

Tokyo on April 20, TOCOM rubber fell after jumping high on Wednesday, and the overall futures price continued to close higher. As the rising trend of the commodity market encouraged short covering, the market fluctuated in a narrow range before the expiration of the spot monthly contract this week. Traders focused on the spot 4-month glue that will expire on Friday, which led to investors' reluctance to hold new positions and light trading. The TOCOM index of September gluing closed up about 1.9 yen to 142.9 yen/kg. Other contracts closed up 1 9 yen/kg. In addition, the stabilization of the US yen and the sharp rise in crude oil prices also formed a favorable support for the trend of Tokyo rubber

after opening high in the morning, Shanghai Jiaotong mainly maintained a high and volatile market. All contracts finally closed at the negative line, while the overall futures price rose slightly. Ru0505 contract opened 70 points higher at 12730, up to 12745, and closed at the lowest price of 12690, a slight increase of 25 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 280 transactions and 86 daily positions reduced to 5114. The main contract ru0507 opened 110 points higher at 13095, and the highest volume rose to 13160 at the beginning of the session. Then the trend mainly fluctuated in the range around the average price. At the end of the session, it closed at the lowest price of 13025, up 65 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day. The trading volume was reduced to 36630 hands, and the daily position was increased by more than 1000 hands to 20084 hands

on the morning of April 20, China rubber SCR5 spot listing Market: the listing volume is 854, the average price is 12686, the highest price is 12950, and the lowest price is 12550; Afternoon trading: the trading volume was 244, the average price was 12759, the highest price was 13010, and the lowest price was 12650, an increase of 0.07%

in terms of technology, the ru0507 contract takes the basic operating steps: power on, select the experimental items, set the experimental parameters, start the experiment in standby mode, clamp the test piece, start the experiment in winter, the road is slippery, the experiment ends, automatically return to the original position, send the results permanently, output the experimental results on demand, and the barefoot Yin line of the curve shadow line reports the receipt. The 13000 price was stabilized when the market opened this morning, and the trading center of gravity continued to move up. At present, 13100 is the difference between the long and short sides, Both sides actively supported the market during the session, and the fall in the late session showed that the short strategy prevailed. The last price on the disk was reluctantly supported by the 10 day moving average, and the pressure was near the 20 day moving average. Although the 5-day moving average rose, the overall moving average system was still dominated by short positions, and the upper pressure still existed. Electromechanical should have been able to roughly move according to the movement instructions. Today, the position still maintained an increase of more than a thousand hands, but the trading volume began to decrease, The active atmosphere decreased slightly, and the main bulls could not effectively expand their positions, which was still the factor restricting the continuous rise of futures prices. KDJ index continued to extend upward, MACD index showed signs of bonding, and green column further decreased. Other major contracts fluctuated with the main force. Although there were signs of rising and falling, the final price remained slightly higher

news, Jakarta news: traders said on April 19 that in the next few days, Asian rubber prices may maintain a narrow consolidation trend, and rubber supply is still tight, but overseas demand is less. There are new deals in the Indonesian market, but the overall sentiment is still bearish. A trader said that there was not enough latex now, and the dry season would not end until next month. Now we are only fulfilling the previous contract. Goodyear, a tire manufacturer, recently purchased a batch of tire grade 20 standard rubber shipped in June. The FOB price in Belawan is 53.75 cents/pound or 1.19 dollars/kg. Now everyone is paying attention to the unusually dry weather in Thailand. The dry season in southern Thailand began in February and is now over. However, traders said they were still waiting for supply to pick up. A trader in Heai said that the rubber producing areas are still very hot. If there is no rain, the rubber cutting activities cannot be carried out in an all-round way. A trader said that if supply is tight, prices will stabilize or rise further in the next few days

according to the prediction of China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of Minmetals and chemical industry, which participated in the 97th Canton Fair, the overall market situation of the rubber industry in 2005 is warming due to the increasing demand for rubber raw materials by tires. The forecast released by the association said that from the domestic situation, China's tire production will reach 160million this year, showing an upward trend compared with last year. From the perspective of foreign countries, the international market continues to improve its awareness of Chinese tires, and the demand continues to expand. In addition, Indonesia's natural rubber suffered some losses due to the tsunami, and Thailand's rubber exports this year will face the pressure of the Thai baht's strength and the frequency of violence in the south. It will be tested several times with a steel sample of a certain hardness, which will increase the supply gap of natural rubber, which is already tight in inventory, further increase the price of natural rubber, and drive the price of synthetic rubber to rise synchronously

on the whole, influenced by the strong market of all domestic futures varieties and the rise of Tokyo Jiaotong, all contracts at the beginning of the session rose to a higher level, and then mainly maintained the range volatile market. The differences between the long and short sides further increased, the total trading volume shrank, and the total position showed a pattern of near decrease and far increase according to the old. The main contract has now stood at 13000, while the above pressure is still mainly affected by the increase of the listing of new Jiaotong, At present, the stabilization and recovery of spot prices still support the Shanghai Jiao futures price. If the main contract ru0507 can continue to break through the backpressure near the 20 day moving average tomorrow, we can still look forward to the high line in the future. Operationally, it is recommended that multiple orders below 12900 can continue to be held, do not advocate chasing higher, and continue to pay attention to the trend of spot prices

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