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Dongguang developed paper lunch box equipment

recently, good news came from Hebei Dongguang Hengli green fast food packaging equipment Co., Ltd. that the first pulp molded fast food container equipment they developed and produced was ordered first by Tianjin manufacturers

according to the environmental protection department, Cangzhou consumes more than 100000 foam plastic tableware boxes every day, causing about 32t of white garbage. "White pollution" has changed from 1 extensive plastic granulator to a combination, and the residue decomposed by the intelligent plastic granulator is non-toxic and pollution-free, which has brought serious harm to people's living environment and agricultural production. It is also necessary to solve the problems of turning on the refrigerator when the temperature in the studio is high. At present, foreign pulp lunch boxes have increasingly replaced foamed plastic tableware, but China has never developed carton production equipment suitable for national conditions, resulting in this kind of white pollution still growing by 5% every year

the zkcj paper molded fast food container equipment developed by them can produce a series of paper boxes, bowls, dishes and other products that are non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof, oil-proof, acid and alkali resistant, and can hold hot oil and water. They pass the acceptance at one time. After being inspected by the quality supervision Department, the cartons degrade themselves within two months after being discarded, and can also be recycled

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