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On April 1st, 2005, the system will be triggered by ultraviolet light sources that can be detected in the visible spectrum. On April 5th, the "Dongguan printing and packaging exhibition", known as the largest scale in Dongguan, hosted by Guangdong Printing Technology Association, Guangdong printing equipment and equipment industry association and Guangzhou Huiyi Exhibition Co., Ltd., opened in the exhibition hall of Dongguan Sports Center, Guangdong Province. Here are Huicong's comments on Dongguan printing and packaging industry exhibition: evaluation and evaluation of project content, star scale, exhibition area ★★ actual number of standard booths (including special decoration) ★ breadth, brand, scientific and technological content of exhibition products ★★ number and proportion of special decoration of exhibitors ★ planning and organization of exhibition planning, strength and influence of organizers, and popularity ★ overall planning and layout of the exhibition, Participate in providing high-quality and high value-added solutions and services for new and old customers. Exhibitors' booth distribution, exhibition decoration design, exhibitors' popularity and influence ★★ the richness of exhibition activities ★ market promotion according to the absolute number and relative proportion of domestic and foreign exhibitors ★ comprehensive publicity before the exhibition ★★ the attention of relevant media ★ the popularity index of the venue ★★ exhibition hardware facilities, venue lighting, air conditioning, background music Health and other environment, exhibition guide, exhibition catalogue level... ★★★★ audience satisfaction, visitor satisfaction ★★ comprehensive evaluation. Comprehensive evaluation of the above evaluations, the overall feeling ★★★ attachment: the star level standard of the evaluation project is ★........................ Poor, don't participate ★★........................ General, can go or can't go ★★★★★........................ OK, If you have time, you can attend ★★★ after the upper and lower jaws are tightened....... It's better and worth attending. If you have time, you must attend ★★★ it's very good. You must attend

the exhibition scale is generally

this exhibition, with an exhibition area of about 3000 square meters, including more than 80 enterprises with silk in-house exhibitors, almost including all kinds of equipment and materials required in the whole printing process, However, there is no participation of international famous brands, and most of the exhibits are domestic brands, with low scientific and technological content

the publicity is not high

Asia Pacific, packaging and printing in print, and packaging machinery media participated in the exhibition, but the publicity before the exhibition is not high, and the low proportion of printers among visitors is a good proof. However, the booth printed by HC has become a highlight of this exhibition. The free distribution of "2004 China industry Encyclopedia - printing volumes" initiated by Huicong printing attracted the strong interest of many visitors. Huicong printing booth has an endless stream of predecessors

planning and organization

the overall layout of the exhibition is not very reasonable, and exhibitors are not strictly distributed according to the printing process. The exhibition hall is crowded, and most of the exhibitors are agents and offices of major well-known enterprises

the degree of internationalization is not high

most of them are local printing enterprises, of which only silk printing has one ink enterprise, which is a Japanese funded company. Obviously, this exhibition is far from an international industry exhibition

exhibitors have mixed opinions on the printing and packaging exhibition

most exhibitors said that in the sense of publicity and exhibition, this exhibition was not successful. Many enterprises are outspoken about the problems existing in this exhibition. They believed that the publicity and authority of the exhibition were not enough, which was reflected in the small number of visitors and low popularity; On the other hand, there are few famous foreign enterprises and few large printing equipment on display. At the same time, many enterprises also raised objections to the services and charges of this exhibition according to the latest research report of ASD company. Exhibitors also complained about the short exhibition time of this exhibition. (Huicong)

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