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How about Philips alpha fingerprint lock evaluation? Use quality evaluation

this Philips alpha fingerprint lock is recommended by the evaluation article. A certain East plant this Philips alpha fingerprint lock at home. It has been installed and used for a period of time. After installing the fingerprint lock, it is super convenient, and you are no longer afraid to forget your key. The appearance of the lock is very simple and generous, and the fingerprint recognition is also very fast. The lock is automatically locked when the door is closed, which is convenient and safe. Therefore, the disposal of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future. There is an anti lock function inside, and you are not afraid to be alone at home at night. The logistics is fast, and the installation master's service is good. Overall, I am quite satisfied with this model

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II Philips alpha fingerprint lock price:

[] Philips alph's British National composite center (NCC) in Bristol, England, has set up these two goals for itself. A fingerprint lock household intelligent lock full-automatic password lock push-pull anti theft door electronic lock Obsidian

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JD price: ¥ 2280.00

snapping link: now let's summarize "plastic instead of steel" Third, Philips alpha fingerprint lock configuration:

Product Name: Philips alpha fingerprint lock home intelligent lock full automatic password lock push-pull security door electronic lock Obsidian

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