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The "head geese effect" to stimulate AI (observed by commentators)

a new generation of AI is booming around the world. When connecting people has become the norm, the future through artificial intelligence, the connection between people and things, people and services, or will form a new form of "interconnection of all things", which will bring us opportunities and challenges

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"red" robot has become a commentator, smart home is refreshing, natural semantic recognition, face recognition and other technologies are widely used... From electronic products, automobiles, medical products to artificial intelligence service solutions, from exhibits in front of the stage to services in the background, artificial intelligence has become a highlight at the first China International Import Expo not long ago. The topic of artificial intelligence has also attracted social attention again

"artificial intelligence is a strategic technology leading this round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, with a strong 'head goose effect' of spillover drive." accelerating the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence is an important strategic starting point for us to win the initiative of global scientific and technological competition, and an important strategic resource to promote the leapfrog development of China's science and technology, industrial optimization and upgrading, and the overall leap of productivity ". This important conclusion that the steel wire rope is usually composed of several steel wires twisted together has strengthened our confidence and provided guidance for us to accelerate the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence

at present, the work efficiency has been improved. Artificial intelligence has attracted attention all over the world and is considered to be the next "super tuyere" of scientific and technological innovation. When the concept of "artificial intelligence" was first proposed at the Dartmouth conference in 1956, the Internet had not yet been born; Today, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform are in the ascendant, and the words such as algorithm, big data and 5g are well known to the public. Looking back on history, if we say that the industrial revolution is that machines replaced human physical strength, greatly improved production efficiency and liberated productivity, then looking forward to the future, artificial intelligence will replace human brain power to a certain extent, greatly improve the thinking ability of human society and further stimulate the vitality of innovation. Therefore, only by attaching great importance to AI and accelerating the development of AI can we firmly grasp this strategic commanding height

in fact, with the accumulation and breakthrough of key elements such as algorithm, data and computing power, AI is accelerating the expansion of application scenarios and increasingly integrating into people's daily life. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is no longer a proper term in science fiction. It has broken through the technical inflection point from "unavailable and difficult to use" to "usable", and entered a period of explosive growth. In reality, driverless cars are constantly upgrading. Intelligent robots can provide efficient community services. Relying on deep learning algorithms, artificial intelligence can not only quickly diagnose diseases, but also complete the workload of a safety analyst to analyze data codes in one minute. Relevant reports pointed out that the scale of China's AI core industry exceeded 70billion yuan in 2017; According to the prediction of the International Federation of robots, "Robot Revolution" will create a market of trillions of dollars. It can be said that the new generation of artificial intelligence is booming all over the world, is profoundly changing people's production and lifestyle, and contains a huge market space

it should be recognized that artificial intelligence is not an independent technology, but needs to rely on industry and further integrate with economic and social development. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress pointed out that "we should promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, cultivate new growth points and form new momentum in the fields of medium and high-end consumption, innovation leadership, green and low-carbon, sharing economy, modern supply chain, human capital services and so on". In 2017, the State Council issued the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence", which set the strategic goal of "three steps" of artificial intelligence in China by 2030. If there is a surplus peak plan and solid progress in the gradient elution of science, the "innovation" of artificial intelligence will drive the "innovation" of traditional industries, and the stock will be driven by increment. The rotational resistance of tires accounts for 14.4% of fuel consumption, which will help promote China's industry to move towards the middle and high end of the global value chain and inject new momentum into high-quality economic development

now, we have ushered in the intersection of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform in the world and the transformation of China's economy to a high-quality development stage. We are facing both a once-in-a-lifetime historical opportunity and a severe challenge of widening the gap. In the future, artificial intelligence will open up more possibilities for economic and social development. In a sense, AI technology is an important opportunity for us to realize "overtaking on Curves" or even "overtaking on changing lanes". Therefore, although the technical potential of the development of artificial intelligence in China has yet to be tapped, the financing environment has yet to be optimized, and the talent bottleneck has yet to be solved, we must still dare to break into the "no man's land" of innovation, change the "follow-up" thinking into the "lead" thinking, and concentrate on accumulating strength for a long time

some people say that whoever grasps AI will grasp the future. Artificial intelligence is a precious opportunity that our generation cannot miss. We will continue to optimize the institutional environment, tamp the foundation, supplement the weak points, and stimulate the "head geese effect" of artificial intelligence. We believe that we can certainly promote the healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, and let the light of wisdom illuminate the road of the future

the people (09 edition, December 03, 2018)

(Editor: Bai Yu)

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