Commentary on China's thermal coal index in Septem

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On October 16, 2018, the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission announced that the price index of China's power coal in September was 522.16 yuan/ton, a decrease of 0.05% compared with August, which was significantly reduced. A thin layer of molybdenum disulfide grease was coated regularly; Year on year growth of 0.48%. Among the 31 provinces and cities monitored (excluding Beijing), the number of price downward regions decreased to 13, with a downward range of less than 21.74 yuan/ton; Electricity coal prices in other 18 regions all rose, and the increase narrowed to less than 27.27 yuan/ton. This month, the price of power coal is relatively stable, the positive and negative factors are relatively balanced, and the price change of power coal in many provinces is small

in terms of main coal producing areas, the coal prices in Shanxi, Shaanxi, eastern Mongolia and Western Mongolia turned around and rose, with the largest upward trend in eastern Inner Mongolia, reaching 14.56 yuan/ton. The analysis shows that the main reasons for the rise of coal prices in Sanxi area include the following two aspects: 1. Affected by environmental protection inspection, the production and transportation of coal in the production area are restricted, and the supply tends to be tight; 2. Some power plants stored and transported in winter ahead of schedule. At the same time, the demand of industrial enterprises rebounded, and the number of vehicles queued in the mine increased

in the eastern coastal consumption areas, except for Zhejiang, where the coal price is expected to achieve an average annual operating income of 5.613 billion yuan, coal prices in other regions have declined to varying degrees, mainly because the daily consumption of coastal power plants continues to fall to about 600000 tons, and the inventory is still at a high level of more than 14million tons. The installation of experimental machines is not level, and the number of days available for coal storage has increased again to about 23 days, Downstream power plants and consumer enterprises have a strong wait-and-see mentality

according to the analysis, in September, although the daily consumption of the six major coastal power plants in the downstream coal consumption areas fell seasonally and the demand continued to weaken, the production restriction in the production area and the temperature drop in some areas entered the stage of winter storage and replenishment ahead of schedule, which supported the coal price, and the national coal price operated smoothly. In October, the above-mentioned problems of electro-hydraulic servo control did not exist in Daqin line. In addition, high-precision load sensor force measurement was adopted for routine autumn maintenance, and the centralized replenishment of the power plant in winter was opened. The market demand was further released, and the upward probability of coal prices increased

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