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How to use vez Le box micro projector evaluation feeling

vez Le box Vicat softening point experimental machine is equipped with sample protection device. How about the development process of micro projector from imitation to independent renovation

how to use it for a month: the quality of the machine is good, small and exquisite, and the quality of some paintings is still good. After reading a lot, I finally chose this, Figure 2. The company plans to take annual leave from February 9. Figure 3 depends on the size, absolutely Mini. Figure 4 and figure 5 show the indoor lighting effect on cloudy days. The brightness is good, and it should be very awesome at night. The key is to lie on the bed and throw the ceiling comfortably. A small machine is good

half year evaluation:

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product parameters:

certificate number:

certificate status: valid

Product Name: projection player

brightness: 600 lumens

platform type: China Radio International

launch screen size: 30~300 inches

operating system: Android

number of colors supported: 16.7 million colors

Best launching distance: 2 meters

Body size (CM): 8.7*8.7*1.8

trapezoidal correction range: no

bulb power: 5W

bulb life: 20000 hours and above

zoom ratio: 1.2:1

Color Classification: box

brand: vez

model: E6

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: 1.2 times

brightness: 500 lumens (including) -800 lumens (excluding)

resolution (DPI) : 854x480dpi

contrast: 1000:: 1

screen ratio: 4:3 16:9

time of market: 2016

package: Official Standard

bulb type: LED bulb

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