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29 potential safety hazards! These enterprises have been temporarily suspended for rectification

29 potential safety hazards! These enterprises have been temporarily suspended for rectification

September 23, 2019

recently, the 12th group found that the rectification of many potential safety hazards was not in place in two enterprises in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, and there were serious loopholes in safety management

on September 17, the tenth emergency management department to prevent and resolve safety risks also gave enterprises a breather in the second half of the year. The second special law enforcement inspection team rushed to Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, and randomly checked two enterprises, and found 29 potential safety hazards, including 9 major potential safety hazards. On the top of the two liquid ammonia storage tanks of Guangdong Zhanhua Group Co., Ltd., the inspection team found that all the root hand valves of the tank safety valves were completely closed, making the safety valves that should have played the role of overpressure protection a virtual coating. Experts pointed out that according to relevant regulations, "safety accessories such as safety valves and rupture discs are not normally put into use" are major accident hazards. In addition, the enterprise has problems such as non explosion-proof video monitoring of liquid ammonia storage tank area, non formal design and safety design diagnosis of chemical devices in use, and non analysis of combustible and toxic gases before operation in confined space. These problems also belong to major accident hazards. It is understood that at the beginning of this year, the expert guidance service of the key counties of hazardous chemicals of the office of the Safety Commission of the State Council carried out diagnostic services for the enterprise, and put forward rectification suggestions for the non explosion-proof video monitoring of liquid ammonia on site and the non-standard safety management of special operations of the enterprise, but the enterprise did not comprehensively carry out more flexible self-examination and self correction. In Zhanjiang Xiashan Xinyu Chemical Co., Ltd., the inspection team found that the enterprise's operating procedures said - check the whole system, whether the valve to be opened and whether the valve to be closed have been closed. "The operating procedures are an operation 'manual' for post operators, and writing such nonsense has no effect." The inspection team pointed out the seriousness of the problem on the spot. The enterprise electronic universal testing machine is a frequently used testing machine product type industry is a formaldehyde production enterprise, and the oxidation process in the production process is the first batch of chemical processes under key supervision. The inspection team also found that the power distribution room, maintenance tool room, central control room and analysis room of the enterprise were all arranged in the same building as the formaldehyde production unit (class a production workshop), non explosion-proof electrical appliances were used in the analysis room and storage tank area, and the combustible gas alarm in the methanol tank area was not connected to the attended control room... Especially when the inspection team checked the safety management files of the enterprise, it found that the enterprise had a confined space safety work permit, The analysis data showed "toxic%" and "formaldehyde%" without any detection data. Experts pointed out that these problems not only violate the requirements of the relevant national standards for the safe production of hazardous chemicals, but also constitute major hidden dangers of accidents, exposing serious loopholes in the safety management of enterprises. The inspection team asked the local emergency management department to follow up the law enforcement immediately. How much do you know about the friction and wear testing machine? Next, we will discuss the classification of friction and wear testing machines and precautions in operation. We will order Guangdong Zhanhua Group Co., Ltd. to stop using the liquid ammonia tank farm and its related facilities, and order Zhanjiang Xiashan Xinyu Chemical Co., Ltd. to temporarily stop production and business for rectification. (source: China Emergency Management News)

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