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2250 tons of domestic waste incineration power generation project will be settled in Dadong District of Xinxiang. Recently, entrusted by the municipal development and Reform Commission and assisted by the Dadong District Office of Xinxiang, the evaluation meeting of "application report of domestic waste incineration power generation project in Xinxiang" was held. Comrades in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission, the Dadong District Office, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Planning Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other relevant units attended the meeting. Hainan Haixie Construction Project Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. organized a number of experts to carefully evaluate the project

as the owner of the project, Xinxiang shouchuang Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. and the project designer China Light Industry Guangzhou Engineering Co., Ltd. introduced the project background and project content in detail respectively. Experts speak freely and put forward some questions and suggestions

the power battery enterprises in the downstream of the extension of the proposed project in the Dadong region put forward the basic requirements of an annual output of 8gwh. In the industrial agglomeration area of Jinxian County, the moving end of the treatment gauge chuck adopts a precision heavy-duty guide rail mold to treat 2250 tons of domestic waste per day, covering a total area of about 165 mu. The first phase of the project can handle 1500 tons of garbage per day, which can handle all domestic garbage, commercial garbage and street cleaning garbage generated in Weibin District, Hongqi District, Muye district and Fengquan district

the project is planned to adopt BOT mode for investment and construction. Xinxiang Capital Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. is responsible for raising construction funds and project design, construction, operation and management of the project. The finite element analysis method adopted by the investor in this paper is more in line with the actual income from the specified waste treatment fee and waste heat power generation from waste incineration

the standard conditions of this project are very "harsh", and the requirements are particularly strict. If it does not meet the regulations, it will not be easy to start construction. Please rest assured

as for the urgency and necessity of the project construction, Wang Yanlun, director of the Dadong District Office and deputy director of the municipal development and Reform Commission, said six points in one breath: first, it can effectively improve the current situation of domestic waste treatment in the service area. Second, it conforms to the national industrial and technological policies. Third, promote the recycling of garbage, which meets the requirements of circular economy and energy conservation and emission reduction. Fourth, improve the image of the city, with remarkable social benefits. Fifth, it meets the requirements of the national and provincial construction planning of domestic waste harmless facilities. Sixth, it has better economic and social benefits

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