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250A mute power generation and welding machine for railway

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250A silent power generation and welding machine for railway welding is an unassembled connection method and one of the hot metal processing methods. Welding, like forging, forging, heat treatment, metal cutting and other processing methods, is a basic production means in machinery manufacturing, petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, nuclear energy and other industrial parts. Without the growth of modern welding technology, there will be no modern The growth of industry and superstitious technology. The to250 is equipped with metal anchor bolts and anchor cable clamps. A gasoline power generation and welding machine can generate electricity and welding. In addition, there is another 5kW auxiliary power supply, which is a machine suitable for field welding, with a welding diameter of 2 0 welding rod, dual-purpose function of one machine, high-efficiency motor, stable voltage, reliable operation, stable welding, endless arc, four stroke air-cooled gasoline engine, weak power, low fuel consumption, strong reliability, large capacity oil tank, effectively maintaining 12 hours of long-term continuous tasks, light weight, small size, equipped with movable wheels for convenient use, providing great convenience for construction, gasoline power generation, electric welding machine, powered by gasoline engine, torsion power generation, DC power for welding is supplied through the rectifier module. Also known as power generation welding, it has the advantages of high strength, high directivity, spatial coherence, narrow bandwidth and high monochromaticity. It can be used as a generator and an electric welding machine at the same time. Advantages: integrated power generation and welding, light weight and convenient movement. Widely used in power supply, railway, municipal, oil pipeline and other outdoor welding and power generation construction work

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3. Service criteria: the warranty period of the product is twelve months. During the warranty period, the supplier will charge for the maintenance and replacement of the parts and components caused by the quality notice. If the parts and components are damaged outside the warranty period, the supplied parts will only charge the cost, For equipment damage caused by the buyer's remuneration, the parts repaired or supplied by the supplier shall be calculated at the cost price. It can achieve real lifelong protection

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starting style: manual starting, electric starting

Product Model: to250a-j

layout type: silent belt four wheels

current dispatching range: a

diameter of welding rod used: 2 0 mm

no load voltage: 65V

task voltage: V

frequency: 50Hz

additional voltage: 220V

frequency: 50Hz

auxiliary power: 5kW

maximum power: 6kW

number of phases: single phase

starting style: electric starting

gross weight 149kg

engine type: horizontal bar in-line four stroke air-cooled diesel engine

insulation grade: grade F

cylinder diameter: 90*75

displacement: 0.418cc

Engine oil solvent: 1.65l

fuel consumption: 205g/kw H

fuel tank volume: 20

task time: 12h

power status: cos Φ= 1

cooling style: forced air cooling

fuel model: 0 diesel (summer) -10 diesel (summer)

wheel: equipped with

size mm:850*520*700

noise level: 65 dB

brand: daze power

engine model: dz192fae

oil pressure lamp: Yes

machine oil lamp: Yes

voltmeter: Yes

remote control function: to implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator optional

active switching: optional national

Product Name: power generation and welding machine

Random Attachment: statement, warranty card, certificate of conformity, device

source: danieze

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