257mw photovoltaic project under the hottest India

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The 257mw photovoltaic project under the national solar mission of India was put into operation

the Ministry of renewable energy development of India (ireda) announced the latest information of different projects under the national solar mission (jnnsm) and the plant load factor (PLF) of participating plants

according to ireda, two projects in the leading stage of jnnsm have been put into operation, namely, 255mw solar photovoltaic (PV) and 2.5MW concentrated solar power generation (CSP). Among the leading projects, 38mw PV and 497.5mw CSP and 350MW PV in the second batch are waiting to be put into production

large PV, the rpssgp subproject responsible for the vast majority of production capacity

for a long time, ireda reported that 25 projects (125MW) under large PV projects have been put into production; The 81.55 photovoltaic project under the roof photovoltaic and small solar power generation program (rpssgp) has been put into operation; The 48MW photovoltaic project under the jnnsm resettlement plan was put into operation

csp takes a little longer to put into operation, and only one 2.5MW project has been put into operation among the 500MW projects that need to be jointly developed by the strong and the strong for the development of enterprises with reduced stability

plf data vary widely from state to state

ireda also released PLF assessments of 16 projects in different states of India. It is reported that the PLF evaluation range of polysilicon technology is between 3.17% and 18.83%. The reason why the pressure of the film factory does not go up is that there are impurities in the instrument when refueling. The PLF range is between 10.46% and 18.75%

the plant in Chhattisgarh state and the film plant in Haryana State have the highest technical level of polysilicon; The lowest PLF evaluation of polysilicon plants is located in Orissa and Rajasthan. Zhonghua glass () Department

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