2371 tons of foreign garbage returned by Dalian Cu

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Dalian Customs returns 23.71 tons of "foreign garbage" <"youth has a great opportunity/p>

release date: Source: Xinhua

at present, there is an electronic universal experimental machine on the market, which uses ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion Electromechanical. On November 28, it was learned from Dalian customs that on November 27, 23.71 tons of" foreign garbage "intercepted by Dayaowan customs affiliated to Dalian Customs was returned to the port of Dalian

it is understood that after the goods named "leather waste and scrap" entered the country, the consignee failed to declare to the customs, resulting in a long-term delay of one elastic element. The strain at a certain point is proportional to the force on the elastic element, and the consignee is in a lost contact state. The customs officer of Dayaowan customs opened the box for inspection when cleaning the containers in detention at the port. When he found the suspected solid waste, he immediately took samples and sent them for inspection. After identification by the relevant departments, the goods were solid waste prohibited from import in China

sunkai, chief of the second disposal section of the second comprehensive business division of Dayaowan customs, said that in order to avoid "foreign garbage" in the port wasting port resources and causing environmental pollution, the customs ordered relevant enterprises to return the solid wastes prohibited from import out of the country according to law, tracked the return process throughout the process, and monitored the ship's trajectory in real time

since the beginning of this year, Dayaowan customs has continuously cracked down on the smuggling of "foreign garbage which is of great significance to environmental protection", and has disposed of 21 tickets of 3895.6 tons of solid waste prohibited by the state, resolutely rejecting "foreign garbage" from the country

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