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In the past 10 years, 3053 Tianguo household appliances helped Wenchuan earthquake area to become stronger. At 14:28 on May 12, 2008, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan. Ten years later, the once devastated Sichuan earthquake stricken area has taken on a new look and is full of vitality. Over the past decade, through scientific reconstruction and development, great changes have taken place in the infrastructure, industrial development and ecological environment of the earthquake stricken areas. Behind this, the central enterprises and state-owned enterprises in Sichuan are struggling to rebuild from disaster to leapfrog development; It also embodies the actions and painstaking efforts of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council published a series of reports on the memory of the "May 12" ten years on the occasion of the "May 12" Wenchuan earthquake 10 years ago, focusing on the actions of central enterprises and state-owned enterprises to help build Wenchuan and rebuild the earthquake area in the past decade

Qingchuan after reconstruction

there is a spirit of unity, and there is a strength that will not let go

ten years ago, an earthquake shook Sichuan. Ten years later, Sichuan burst into vitality and strength

The sunshine in May, warm and genial, spreads on every inch of Wenchuan

in the past ten years, she has set foot on this land for many times to witness her old appearance change. From scarred to optimistic and strong, from devastation to prosperity and revitalization, tower after tower has climbed over the ridge, and silver line after silver line has passed the light, continuously delivering energy to the disaster areas and writing the miracle of nirvana in the past decade

electricity makes it stronger to cross the earthquake area.

the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake severely damaged Sichuan electricity, 171 substations, 2751 lines were shut down, and 4.05 million households were cut off due to disasters. The State Grid Corporation of China gives full play to the advantages of the group and makes every effort to support the recovery and reconstruction of Sichuan after the power disaster. In the past decade, the power supply in the disaster area has not only stood up again on the ruins, but also achieved leapfrog development, providing a strong power guarantee for the economic development of the earthquake area

employees of Mianyang power supply company set up power transmission lines near Guixi Town, Beichuan, to open up power channels for poverty alleviation. Taken by Tianhai

3053 days

on May 7, 2018, this figure was displayed on the screen in the main control room of Deyang converter station of ± 500kV Baoji Deyang DC transmission project, which means that the double pole safety of the project has overvoltage, overcurrent and other protection measures; The software has experimental force, displacement, deformation and other out of limit protection, which can run for 3053 days

ten years ago, on may7,2008, the commencement ceremony of Debao DC project was held in Deyang, Sichuan. Five days later, the earthquake suddenly struck...

at the critical moment, the State Grid Corporation of China made a solemn commitment to the Sichuan provincial Party committee and the provincial government - to identify the Debao DC transmission project as a key project for earthquake relief, open up a transmission channel for Sichuan, and meet the needs of post disaster reconstruction and economic development

in Sichuan, the Debao line runs through Deyang, Mianyang and Guangyuan, the three major earthquake stricken areas. This is doomed. This is a construction trip that has to be accompanied by aftershocks at any time

"the project was put into operation 4 months earlier than expected. Its operation has realized the mutual assistance between Sichuan power and northwest power, ended the history of power rationing in winter in Sichuan, and provided a steady stream of power for post disaster reconstruction." Deyang converter station operation team leader zhangbo introduced

"basically complete the three-year task in two years" is the commitment of the whole society to the people in the disaster areas. Race against time to make electricity strong and reborn on the ruins at the fastest speed

14. Control function: with constant speed control mode

important power transmission and transformation projects in the hardest hit areas, such as ABA ertaishan 220 kV power transmission and transformation project, Debao DC transmission project, Beichuan 110 kV intelligent substation, Deyang 110 kV Jinsha substation, have been put into operation one after another, and a stronger and more intelligent power has been continuously delivering power for post disaster reconstruction

in the past ten years, the electricity in disaster areas has gone through the whole process from emergency rescue to recovery and reconstruction to leapfrog development. Especially in recent years, Sichuan electric power has explored to build a new "three ones" power development pattern of "one chess game" on the power side, "one piece" on the power side and "one price" on the demand side

before the earthquake, there were 11 towns and townships in the power supply area of Beichuan county power supply company, accounting for only 34% of the whole county. From the "zero" of earthquake ruins to the completion of the first 110kV intelligent substation in China, Beichuan new county has fully realized distribution automation. On december28,2015, the people's Government of Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County signed a supply area transfer agreement with Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. to fully accept the spontaneous self supply areas of small hydropower, and fully realize the same price on the power side of Beichuan and the same price on the demand side

on November 1st, 2017, the 500 kV markang power transmission and transformation project and other projects in Aba Prefecture were started, with a total investment of 2.51 billion yuan. After the project is put into operation, it will help Aba Prefecture to transmit hydropower, optimize the electrical structure and enhance the power supply guarantee capacity. So far, the "one Zhang" construction in Aba has made breakthrough progress

on July 1, 2017, Deyang City fully implemented the same price, and the society shared the reform dividend. Through the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, the city has realized the same price from residential electricity price to industrial and commercial electricity price to agricultural electricity price. At present, there are 1.7 million local residents in Guangyuan, and the price of domestic power supply is the same as that of national power supply

over the past decade, Sichuan electric power has invested 60.6 billion yuan in the disaster area, and the number of substations has increased from 385 to 605, 1.57 times that before the earthquake; The substation capacity increased from 25.07 million KVA to 59.34 million KVA, 2.36 times of that before the earthquake; The line length increased from 21000 km to 31000 km, 1.48 times that before the earthquake. The development speed of electricity in the disaster area exceeded that before the earthquake, the scale of electricity increased significantly, the electrical structure was better than that before the earthquake, the degree of intelligence was significantly improved, the service level was higher than that before the earthquake, and the power supply quality was significantly enhanced

the people have gone through the disaster and become stronger.

the disaster has cast the valuable character of the people of Sichuan who are hardworking, indomitable, positive, optimistic and enterprising, and accumulated valuable experience in self-improvement and rebuilding their homes

it is time for Wenchuan to blossom again. Standing in front of his own yard and looking at the cherry tree full of fruit, wangdaofu, an employee of guoaba power supply company, recalled his experience in the past ten years

in the past ten years, wangdaofu has experienced two catastrophic disasters, one was the earthquake in 2008, and the other was the catastrophic debris flow in 2013. Both disasters razed his house in qipangou, Wenchuan County into a platform

in the Qiang new year of 2017, Beichuan power supply company received a repair report, and the Party member service team rushed out for repair. The light was on, and the Qiang village had a happy New Year atmosphere. Photographed by Tianhai

"everyone said I was' unlucky at home ', but I felt very' lucky '." Wang Dao said with a happy smile

"512" or special fixture; Four hours after the earthquake, wangdaofu crawled out of the ruins with multiple injuries to his waist and legs. Half a month after he was rescued from the disaster area, he returned to Yingxiu, the hardest hit area, against the direction of the flow of people, and volunteered to join Yingxiu power supply station to participate in the post disaster reconstruction of local electricity

although his family didn't understand, he knew what he was doing - on May 15, 2008, Wang Daofu, who had been stranded in Yingxiu, an isolated island, for three days, saw a boat with the flag of "national electricity" at the wharf of Zipingpu Reservoir. "When I saw these four words, I knew that I was saved!"

when he was most helpless, the national electricity and "water lifeline" gave him hope. From that moment on, he made up his mind to repay the society with a grateful heart

Wenchuan earthquake, Yingxiu debris flow, Lushan earthquake... Where there is disaster, there is wangdaofu charging in front

people are on the green hill

there are still many people from Sichuan electric power who have stood up from the ruins -

we will not forget Ma Yuanjiang, who was buried for 179 hours and created a miracle of life. In the past ten years, he has undergone 38 operations, large and small, but has never been defeated; In the past ten years, he has never stopped working and participated in the restoration, reconstruction and technological innovation of Yingxiuwan power plant; In the past ten years, after his busy work, he participated in the marathon and lived his healthiest posture

we will never forget Wangzhigang, who lost his wife and daughter and still stuck to the front line of earthquake relief. Ten years after the earthquake, Wangzhigang went from Qiang township to Tibetan Township and participated in the construction of "electric power Tianlu" in Ganzi Tibetan area and electricity in areas without electricity. He traveled more than 20000 kilometers in Tibetan area. When he was in Tibetan Township, the children affectionately called him "Abba Wang"

we will never forget Wang Chang, the leader of the Communist Party member service team of Guodian Sichuan electric power (Chengdu Dujiangyan), who was rescued from the ruins by our colleagues and raised their orphans with gratitude. In the earthquake, only 27 people remained in the original 40 person team. "27 people should fight like 40 people!" She said that this was an oath she would never forget in her life

the earth is no longer sad, and the pain has been healed. Today, they have already come out of the haze, with a grateful heart, work hard and repay the society

over the past decade, China Sichuan electric power has persistently carried out the action of "sending love, love and warmth" and invested 5million yuan to build sports venues, innovation studios, staff bookstores, etc. in 11 units in the hardest hit areas to help the affected workers enrich their culture and rebuild their confidence

service, upgrading after wind and rain

Guodian adheres to the service tenet of "people's electricity industry for the people", so that the earthquake area can realize the upgrading from "using electricity" to "using electricity well". It is a region inhabited by ethnic minorities, with Tibetans, Qiang, Yi and Hui compatriots; It is also an old revolutionary base area, a remote mountainous area and a contiguous poverty-stricken area; Because the power supply service here has been greatly upgraded, the power consumption of the people in the earthquake area is undergoing earth shaking changes

visiting the old people's village at night, the lights are bright, and more than 300 shops with Qiang Tibetan style buildings are dazzling

ten years after the earthquake, Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. became stronger. The picture shows live line operators of Guangyuan power supply company carrying out live line defect elimination on 110kV white iron line. Photo by xiebin

ten years ago, Shuimo, 19 kilometers away from Yingxiu, the epicenter of the earthquake, was the hardest hit area. Now, it is known as "the most beautiful Qiang city in China" and "the best example of global post disaster reconstruction". Laoren village is located in the southeast of Shuimo town. It is inhabited by Qiang and Tibetan minorities, with nearly 1000 villagers

compared with the prosperity of Laoren village, the tranquility of Zhuyuan new village is more unforgettable

hypocenter new village is the village where the hypocenter point is located. The villagers' new houses are neatly located on the hillside next to Niuquan ditch at the hypocenter point

"we seldom have power cuts now. It is very convenient to use electricity." Zhang Mingsu, the eldest sister of the Yi nationality, sits in front of her home embroidering insoles. He said that ten years ago, there were more power outages in the village than there were electricity. Now, the villagers will be sent messages in advance when the planned power outage is planned. Even if the line trips due to strong winds and heavy rain, the power supply master will come soon

from "re using electricity" to "making good use of electricity", the people in the disaster area are generous in their words and praise the power supply staff. In addition to serving the people and "warming the heart", Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd. has also provided quite good services to enterprises. In recent years, the company has actively implemented the strategic deployment of "new industrialization", "new urbanization" and "Rural Revitalization" and implemented the service of "warming the disaster area"

"Dongfang motor has been able to rebuild from the disaster. Today, electric power is indispensable." A person in charge of Dongfang turbine company said that Dongfang turbine's production workshop was seriously damaged in the earthquake, but the construction of the base took only one year and nine months. Dongfang turbine people created "Dongfang turbine speed", which could not be separated from the full assistance of State Grid

Beichuan is the only Qiang Autonomous County in China. earthquake

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