300A diesel electric welding machine for the hotte

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300A diesel generator welding machine for field construction Stable and reliable ignition and other advantages greatly improve your work efficiency. It is an ideal partner for outdoor construction! Diesel power generation and welding machine, also known as diesel power generation and welding machine, can best reflect the role of the power generation and welding machine when there is no power supply. For example, this power generation and welding machine is often used for the welding of some oil fields and natural gas pipelines., Diesel power generation welding machine shall normally weld electrodes within 7.0 and spot weld 7.0 electrodes,. It is one of the best-selling generation welding machines in daze. Daze power gasoline and diesel power generation welding machines are really awesome, and manufacturers only enjoy the starting wholesale price of one piece,

[company name]: Shanghai oubao Industry Co., Ltd.

[brand name]: daze power

[sales manager]: Zhang Fanfan

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[company address]: No. Puwei Road, Zhuangxing Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

[transaction method]: purchase and sale of oil cylinders fall back to option 3 After the power supply returns to normal, the contract Alipay transaction

after the above projects are completed in Harbin [transaction mode]: transfer, Alipay, cash, check, card swiping

[about products]: including 17% VAT, excluding freight, and 24-hour logistics delivery nationwide

[reason for recommendation]: the manufacturer's direct sales warranty is one-year lifelong maintenance, and the imported technical performance of the national joint guarantee is stable

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