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Experts: there are still more than 20 days to go before the inspection free packaging is stopped from January, and the national inspection free regulations for the food industry will be abolished. Yesterday, I saw in the major shopping malls in Guangzhou that the food with national inspection free products on the outer packaging was still piled up on the shelves, and the merchants seized the last opportunity to fight a price war in order to clear the warehouse, with a drop of up to 30%

yesterday, at Carrefour and trust Mart in Xinhe square, Qianjin Road, we saw that several brands of edible vegetable oil counters were in large-scale promotion, provincial signs were posted everywhere, and people were crowded around

the tide of Warehouse Clearance affected many types of products

the salesperson told us that the price cut was as high as 30%, and many of them had just adjusted their prices in December. It is reported that 70% of the edible oil packages are printed with the words "national inspection free products", involving peanut oil, sunflower oil and blended oil

the dairy products sales area is also very busy. Miss Zhang, who purchased the testing instruments that are especially suitable for the production line and the laboratory to control the product quality, said that most of the products promoted in the past were products that are about to expire, but now the milk whose production date is October 28 is also on sale. We can see that the 250ml pure milk of Yili and Mengniu decreased from 2.4 yuan to 2.1 yuan, a decrease of 12.5%

in the quick-frozen food area, 90% of the dumplings are on the decline, mainly because of the brands that have obtained the inspection exemption qualification, such as missing and Sanquan. In addition, there are also activities to buy one and get one free. In the condiments and instant noodles area, Lijinji, Haitian and Weishida soy sauce, which are included in the inspection exemption scope, are also promoted one after another, while more than half of the packages of uni president and Master Kong instant noodles are still printed with inspection exemption marks, and the prices are less adjusted

it was also found that all products produced by Golden Arowana and Luhua after November have been removed from the inspection exemption mark, and a liquid milk produced by Mengniu on November 6 also has no inspection exemption mark


after the Sanlu infant milk powder was suspended from inspection free packaging in January, on September 17, the AQSIQ issued a notice saying that the national inspection free system would be abolished from September 18, the national inspection free system for food production enterprises would be stopped, and the relevant enterprises should immediately stop the publicity activities related to their national inspection free qualifications. The national inspection exemption mark on the original inspection exemption product package is no longer valid

wangdingmian, executive director of China Dairy Association, told this newspaper that the state decided to extend the transition period of vanadium raw material supply for product packaging with inspection exemption marks to December 31 in consideration of the existing packaging waste of enterprises. At that time, the enterprises that cannot sell the products shall deal with them by themselves


clearance has nothing to do with the inspection exemption system

however, in an interview, many businesses denied that they were clearing their warehouses. A contact of Lee Kum Kee said yesterday: around the new year is a good promotion period, which has nothing to do with the inspection exemption system. In accordance with national regulations, products with inspection exemption marks will be digested internally

a contact person of Golden Arowana said that the printing and packaging will not be used after December 31, and there is no conclusion on what means to deal with the product. I don't think the current promotion is directly related to the change of packaging, because the end of the year is the peak season for edible oil sales, In previous years, we always choose this time to promote "Now customers can find our sales activities directly.

some inspection free scrapped products are greatly reduced.

product types original price current price

golden dragon fish sunflower seed oil 5 liters 99.8 yuan 66.5 yuan

Luhua peanut oil 5 liters 120 yuan 98.8 yuan

Yili pure milk 250 ml 2.4 yuan 2.1 yuan

Mengniu pure milk 250 ml 2.4 yuan 2.1 yuan

misida soy sauce 1.6 liters 18.3 yuan 12.1 yuan

missing dumplings 24 yuan 17.9 yuan

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